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December 31 - And the Republican Harris County District Attorney stays on the front page.

Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal bluntly rejected the local Republican Party leadership's request Sunday night that he abandon his 2008 re-election campaign because of the scandal over personal e-mails he sent to his executive secretary on government computers.

"What part of 'no' don't you understand?" Rosenthal asked party chairman Jared Woodfill, according to County Judge Ed Emmett, who attended the emergency meeting.

     I dunno, Chuck, maybe the part of no that goes "let's hand the Democrats Harris County on a silver platter?" 
     Look, I don't mind that Chuck was doing the wild thang with his secretary and she got all kinds of benefits and privileges that no one else in the office got. Have you seen Chuck Rosenthal?  I figure she earned anything she got, Honey.
     What I do mind is that the Harris County District Attorney was likely being extorted by someone who knew about the noodlin'.  This ain't about sparkin'; this is about opening yourself to extortion.
     However, for the Republicans, it's about the sex.  It's always about the sex.  They are sex-crazed people.  They don't mind that Chuck was abusing his office; they mind that he had too much sex.  They are creepy people.

December 31 - Time's Top Ten Campaign Gaffes makes for entertaining reading while you're waiting on the black eyed peas to cook.
     You might also enjoy the editorial cartoons and if you get really, really bored today, there's 50 Top Ten Lists.


December 30 - Our friend Fenway Fran gives us an up-close-and-personal reflection on the GOP idea of lower taxes and free lunches.  Damn, I miss that girl!


"Government is the problem," thus sayeth St. Ronald Reagan.  It's taken me an inordinate amount of time to figure out why he hit so many buttons with that malarkey.  It's because the closest anybody generally gets to government interference is locally, and that's not something Presidents or Senators or Congressional Representatives have any control over.

It's taken two and a half decades for folk to wise up.  In the meantime,  the Rethugs have bankrupted the country for the forseeable future.  Can you imagine?  There are still yahoos out there (like Jack Kemp) promoting "trickle-down economics."  How did that work out for you?

I love me some Fenway Fran.  Thanks for introducing her to me.



December 30 - I agree with Rick Casey again.  About both the movie and the politics. 
     As I read it, I was reminded of Commissioner Andy Meyers, who would never occasionally cheat on his wife, but cheats on the citizens of this county every day.  How anyone other than his wife ever votes for him is beyond my ability to understand.   

December 29 - Thanks, David.

December 29 - Okay, politics just officially got too weird for even me.
     Oh, those Ron Paul people.  I know a few of them locally and they are a mighty odd bunch of folks. 
     It appears that odd is contagious.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's internet regiment has come to World of Warcraft-- a group of his supporters are planning to form a guild on Whisperwind and do a march from IF to Stormwind (which means they'll probably be Gnomes or Dwarves, which is too bad, because I liked the idea of "Trolls for Ron Paul") on New Year's Day at 8:30pm EST.

     Now, I don't have anything against being odd.  Odd is good.  However, I do not know if I can handle people dressing up like Ron Paul and showing up at the opening of Star Trek IX, Starring People Who Didn't Get Over Ayn Rand By The Age of 20.
     And, to be honest, I think our current President is fantasy-based enough without adding anything to the problem.  But, that's just my opinion based on 7 years of reality observation.
     Remind me to tell you about the Super DeLux Brand Christian official paid advisor to Ron Paul who has taken to calling people "fat" when he's on the shallow end of an argument.  It starts about #43 and hits the black hole of political literacy at #57.  Yep, that's what Jesus would do.

OK Susan, now you did it. I'm sitting here in a plaza scamming free WiFi and came across your Ron Paul post. 
Reading this, 
However, I do not know if I can handle people dressing up like Ron Paul and showing up at the opening of Star Trek IX, Starring People Who Didn't Get Over Ayn Rand By The Age of 20.
just made me laugh out loud, prompting funny looks from passersby.
Yes, I also come across far-too-earnest Ron Paul folks. Smart move on his part to be identified as the anti-war Republican right off before anyone realized what a nutcase he really is.
And the Ayn Rand comment wins a special prize. I remember my mother reading 'The Fountainhead' in the 1950s but never mentioning it afterwards, which was unusual. I read it about 25 years ago because there was nothing else to read on my ship and thinking it was rather silly. Architects and skyscrapers? More like she was in awe of men who made big erections. Sorry, I couldn't find a more delicate way to put that. On the other hand she drove Alfa Romeo cars, of which I have eight, so she.. forget that, she can be all that bad.
Now, I contribute to the Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board, and until recently it was just about obscure car stuff. Then a local curmudgeon threw a fit about a proposal to allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses in New York which got all the xenophobe talk radio nuts involved. And then me, who brought my future wife and son to the US in the trunk of my car 20 years ago. It got pretty intense. Before the fireworks died down an exec from Blackwater (which I found out about later on) laid into me, much to my delight. I could have written paragraphs on each of his points, but the old saying "Never wrestle with a pig- you both get dirty and the pig likes it" came to mind. It's really funny, I'll send you the link when I come across it. 
So best wishes for a happy new year and keep the hits coming!

December 27 - Okay, it appears that something is real wrong with Texas District Attorneys.
     First, we learn this morning that the Harris County (Houston) District Attorney is playing footsie with his executive assistant and was probably being extorted.  His emails slipped out, and we discover that he likes to kiss his women behind the ear.  How far behind, I dunno.
     Next we discover that the Dallas District Attorney has had his ticket pulled by the State Bar of Texas and is no longer licensed to practice law in Texas.
     In non-breaking news, the Fort Bend County John Healey still should have his learner's permit revoked.

I think we can help Chuck Rosenthal out by proxy request to radio stations.  Since he is obviously preoccupied by his scandal we should call stations and ask them to play the following songs in his honor.

Chuck E's in Love
Me and Mrs Jones
Lovestruck Baby
I Got You Babe
Love the One You're With

And in consideration of what his wife may do:  Gimme Three Steps (Mrs)


And John Coby wrote a new press release for Mr. Rosenthal ---

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Chuck Rosenthal
Friday, December 28, 2007

Statement by Chuck Rosenthal

Recently some Harris County District Attorney inner office emails have been released in the media. It makes me look like a hypocrite which lately is not hard to do in the Republican party.

I understand that I have said some things that have caused pain and difficulty for my family, like writing an email that said I wanted to kiss my secretary behind her right ear when in fact her left ear is just as luscious. Or wanting to caress her firm supple breasteses. (Ok I didnt write that, but I did think it) I deeply regret having said those things although I had quite a woody when I did.

I also understand that sometimes things happen for a purpose. Maybe this will encourage my wife to leave my sorry ass, or for the Harris County Republican Party to denounce my adulterous behavior and demand my resignation. But I am not going to hold my breath since Jared Woodfill is a big wuss and won't do diddly squat. In fact maybe Jared should resign.

This event should serve as a wake-up call to the voters of Harris County concerning the lack of ethics, intelligence, and Christian family values of the Gross Old hyPocrite party.

Charles "The Horny and Incredibly Stupid" Rosenthal
Soon to be Former Harris County District Attor

December 27 - The Super DeLux Brand Christians are just taking over Texas.
     No, I’m serious.
     It’s serious.  Serious as a snakebite.
     Okay, so first David tells us that they’ve found a Holy Highway, and it, of course, would be right here in Texas

A devout group of evangelical Christians in the Midwest are flocking to help purify a spot they believe the Bible has ordained as holy ground -- and it happens to be 1,500 miles of interstate asphalt.

Why the location?

According to CNN, the small contingent of churchgoers believe that Interstate 35, a sprawling highway running from Texas to Minnesota, is specifically mentioned in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 35.

     And it ain’t enough that it’s Divine Asphalt.  No, siree, we gotta help God by praying over the road.

Churchgoers in all six states recently finished 35 days of praying alongside Interstate 35, but the prayers are still continuing," reports Tuchman. "Some of the faithful believe that in order to fulfill the prophecy of I-35 being the 'holy' highway, it needs some intensive prayer first. So we watched as about 25 fervent and enthusiastic Christians prayed on the interstate's shoulder in Dallas."

     Imagine that.  Dallas has a Holy Highway.  This sucker starts at Nuevo Laredo and goes to Duluth.  I have no idea why they chose Dallas to do the praying at, except maybe Dallas has better food and more Strip Joints than Minneapolis.
     David says that this Holy Highway is a disgraceful thing - imagine them all out there praying up a storm over the interstate and they haven’t even adopted the durn road and cleaned it up.  I think we should have laws covering things like this.  I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert on pavement prayer, but I think we should give them some litter bags and see if they can pray the empty beer cans up off the side of the highway. 
     And then to subtract even more IQ points from frontiers of ignorance, Texas has deemed it necessary to offer a legitimate degree in science education in creationism.   

Because Baylor University is not doing enough to plumb the seas for Noah's Ark, an advisory committee of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has recommended that the Institute for Creation Research be given the authority to grant Master's degrees in science education. Perhaps the training will help graduates stay employed in the Lone Star State, rather than getting fired like the state's former director of science curricula, a shameless Darwin booster.

     I bet our County Judge Bob Hebert will be the first to try to buy a degree from there! 
     In all honesty, you have to kinda respect the far right wingers.  Those guys will do anything to get out of taking physics.  On their science tests, all the correct answers are:  “Magic!” 
     And a note to them from me.  Hey guys, Newton’s Laws aren’t really Newton’s Laws.  They are God’s Laws – Newton didn’t create them; he just found them.  God is not David Copperfield – God is the coolest scientist ever.  And I'm serious as a snakebite.

Your December 27 post is the best ever! I needed that this morning, too funny! I caught the SDBC's on TV on the side of the road. I wish I am not quite sure where they were praying, but they need to get down here to Red Oak and work some of that Mojo to get the DAMN CONSTRUCTION FINISHED!!
Don't even get me started on the online science thing. Hmmmm, if I went and got one, though, will it count towards my masters and I can get a raise? Then I can covertly work from within their system to discredit them! MmWhahaha! Excellent! (said with Mr. Burns inflection...)
Glenn Heights Tx.

Since I-35 ends at Nuevo Laredo I would have serious doubts about it being anything near Holy. Nuevo Laredo is in a virtual state of Anarchy and controlled by Drug lords. If y'all remember this is the place where a new police chief lasted 4 hours before being assassinated. I'm surprised they didn't pick I-30 since it goes through Little Rock where Hucky lives and Dallas too. It's much more scenic.


December 27 - Our friend John sent us a hoot of an email with a song you'll love!


Merry Xnew Hanna Kwanzmas Arama Ding Dang!

Here's a little ditty my wife and I helped out with. That's Mary as #12 and Freddie as #5. I'm #6 and my wife is #2.  Larry Craig's 12 Days of Christmas

Peace on Smurf,

Dear Susan:

Did you know that the website that the Larry Craig song is linked to declined to print it? What the hell is going on? Have the Baptists taken over the Internet? Isn’t a highway enough for these people? I always thought that one day the whole damn state would go stark, staring mad, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon.


I was staying at a Fairfield Inn (a subsidiary of Marriott which is ultimately owned and controlled by a devout [rabid] mormon/republican).  When I tried to access the Larry Craig song on my computer using their  wireless, I got a screen telling me this was a forbidden zone.  Now I could access  porn on the Internet using their system (I only checked as a test) and they were more than willing to offer me "adult" movies on my TV (for a price), but I guess in their eyes political dissent is worse than even hootchy

Sam in Pearland

December 26 - Okay, so my whole entire family (even including the Cajuns who usually get lost somewhere on I-10 and never make it here until New Year's) were all here for Christmas. 
     I'm knee-deep in gift wrap, there's a ringing noise in my ears, there is not a scrap of turkey left in the house, and we think Uncle Hank is secretly hiding in a closet upstairs because he bought Aunt Earline a dress two sizes too big and she. was. hacked. off.  Tragically, Aunt Earline will be to Beaumont before she misses him, and then she'll have to pull over and ponder for a while whether or not he's worth coming back to get.  I may be stuck with him and his insulting ways for a week or two.  On the upside, Uncle Hank quit drinking about a year ago and joined one them Holy Roller churches.  He can be real entertaining when somebody mentions Hillary Clinton.  We think he's speaking in tongues but maybe not, because he's not real good at English, his only language.  We think the mention of Hillary's name throws him into a seizure disorder.  One of the kids tried to poke him with a stick.  It was more fun than a remote control helicopter.
     The great news is that Bubba got me an I-Phone for Christmas (no, I will not give you my phone number) and after a few hours of study, I almost have that sucker out of the box.  I may be distracted until I figure it all out. 
     And speaking of Hillary Clinton, I have a great Congressman Nick Lampson story to tell you when I have time.  Check back because this story takes scanning, and sorting, and all manner of time-consuming stuff and I have gift wrap to pick up before the health department shuts me down.
     I'll be back real soon.

December 24 - I thought and thought about what to get you for Christmas  this year. 
     I finally decided on the gift of music; a Christmas tune to warm your heart.  Luckily, I know an exceptional musician.  Click to enjoy.

“Carabeth’s Waltz” was written by Mike Rose and included in a 1995 collection of Christmas tunes gathered up and published by Carrie Crompton.   Since then, the tune has been enjoyed at Christmas time by countless traditional musicians.   Here, it is played on octave mandolin (Albert Hollan), accompanied by guitar (Bill Wooten).

      Thank you, Albert for letting me share.
     May your Christmas be warm and wonderful, and may you find the peace that passes all understanding.

December 24 - One of our jolly customers, Brian, is spending Christmas in Hawaii this year.  He's working and away from his family.  But, he got a pretty good gift this year.  He woke up this morning to this ----

     Nice of him to share it with us, huh?

December 23 - I promised more pictures of Momma with celebrities and here goes. 
     Here's Momma with everybody's favorite candidate for the Texas Supremes, Judge Susan Criss.
     You would be hard pressed to find two finer Texas women. 

     Yesterday was Momma's birthday.  She's 83 and can still walk your legs off and whip your patootie at Scrabble.  However, she can no longer do both at the same time anymore. 


December 22 - We get email about crazzzy things in other parts of Texas, where they believe that Jesus was bottle-fed.
     Now, Momma, here's your warning:  Read the column but not the comments.  (For those of you who are new here, Momma don't put up with no dirty words.)

I found this interesting blog out of Lubbock.  A little ditty about how some artwork in an art show depicting breastfeeding was considered obscene and removed from the show.

BTW, I'm a big fan!!

December 22 - Wright N. Justice brings us a stunning presentation for all those who have soldiers spending Christmas away from home.  I share your heartache.
     And to all of those who finally have their soldiers home, I share your joy.


     Please consider a donation to the USO this Christmas as your way of saying thank you to soldiers and their families. 

December 22 - Alfredo says Just when you think the Republicans  couldn't engage in any more self-mockery, they do.
     Speaking of an article written by Republican Congressman Congressman Thaddeus G. McCotter and his newly established Champions of American Freedom PAC (Political Action Committee) ....

From there it gets truly ridiculous. The article says that “Republicans successfully promoted economic prosperity and protected homeland security” following the 9/11 attacks, but these accomplishments were “eclipsed in Americans’ minds by a dark foreboding of chaos” resulting from events that the GOP seemingly had no control over or hand in: violence in Iraq, “the doddering incompetence of FEMA after Hurricane Katrina,” the expanding federal deficit, and the higher costs of healthcare, and “unfolding Congressional scandals.” (Wisely, the article does not mention any names here–Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley, Jack Abramoff, and Tom DeLay come to mind.)

     Babe, y'all better watch out.  The Republicans are just getting crazier and crazier.  Personally, I think it's a bad case of the DeLay Armageddon Disease, spreading like a plague over the Congress.

December 21 - Comcast is an egg-sucking dog of a company.  They are as worthless as a 4 card flush when you need customer service.  I have had no service since 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday night.  They have made and missed two 3-hour time windows for tech support and been exceptionally stoopid on the phone.
     So, to those of you who were worried, I am fine.  Comcast, however, is not.
     PLEASE NOTE:  if you sent me email in the past two days, please resend.  The odds are that I did not get it.


There is a very good reason why we don't have cable TV.  Paying for 500 channels of  stuff we don't care one whit about is a predicament.

I realize that I live in an area which has three (count em, THREE) public television stations, which, unfortunately ALL have pledge drives running at the SAME time, makes one want to weep.  But, there are many who don't suffer from this apparent embarrassment of "riches."  Why, oh WHY, did the Republican-controlled Congress take funds away from the folks who want to EDIFY all of us???


Susan, have mercy, you're okay.  I was afraid that some county commissioner had come cut your cable lines.

Are you telling us that Comcast is NOT comcastic?  You're not the first to notice.

Hey Zeus

Comcast - worst customer service on the face of the planet.  They hold special training sessions to help keep their people rude and ignorant.


December 19 - Alfredo says that only in America could a company that just paid the Federal government over $6 million to settle charges that it overcharged the Federal government for its services see an increase in its Federal contracts.  Let's hear it for PBS&J - they obviously have the keys to the Magic Hot Rod.

This must be Military Industrial complex Ike warned us about...

"Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. L. Dean Fox, a PBS&J senior vice president, will lead the division based in Beltsville, Md."


December 19 - Oh goodness, Dick Cheney is either burning evidence or cooking something he shot last weekend.

December 19 - For those who think that the GOP is primed to make a comeback, there's some real sad, oh so sad, news.
     In the poetic and wonderful words of State Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie ---

"I congratulate our newest Democratic State Representative Dan Barrett on his victory in House District 97. In an election marred with dirty tricks and Craddick cronies, Dan ran as an independent voice, who could be trusted to stand up against Tom Craddick's special interest agenda and fight for the best interests of Texas families.

"Dan Barrett won in a district drawn by Republicans to elect a Republican, and his victory is a slap in the face to Speaker Tom Craddick and the failed Republican leadership in this state. Voters have sent a message that they are tired of "business as usual" in Austin and want leaders who will replace the pay-to-play politics of the Republican Party with a state government that works for all Texans."

     Democrats are winning in heavily Republican gerrymandered districts.
     Start packing, Nadine

December 18 - Well, a Republican County Commissioner in Bastrop County is certainly doing his part to keep that Republican culture of corruption thing going full steam.

Strengthening their case against Bastrop County Commissioner David Goertz, state prosecutors are now accusing him of crimes and misbehavior dating to his first days in office.

Goertz was arrested earlier this year, accused of using inmate labor to install electrical wiring and do other projects at his Bastrop home. The additional accusations, named in a notice filed by prosecutors seeking to introduce them at Goertz's upcoming trial, include ordering that tons of gravel be stolen from the county, ordering the dumping of toxic waste and lying to a grand jury.

     I've often said that County Commissioner is the most corruptible office in the State of Texas, and Goertz is making my argument for me by ---

• Ordered county employees and inmates to spread gravel intended to pave the county's roads on private roads.

• Oversaw payments for gravel to a Bastrop man that were $50,000 to $60,000 more than the value of the gravel the county received.

• Ordered county employees to bury antifreeze, paint and oil on county property and then tried to cover up the illegal disposal to thwart a criminal investigation by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

• Ordered employees and inmates to work on vehicles and lawn mowers belonging to him and his family and friends using supplies bought with county funds.

• Told employees to bill the county for overtime hours the employees did not work and for hours worked on his properties and those of his family and friends.

• Accepted a riding lawn mower modeled after the General Lee, an orange Dodge Charger from TV's "Dukes of Hazzard," from a county jail inmate, a violation of state law.

• Lied to the grand jury that indicted him.

     A Duke of Hazard riding lawnmower - well, I can see where one would sell one's soul for something as dandy as that!
     Republican county commissioners - you just gotta love 'um. 


It's funny how Texas County Commissioners always campaign like they're one of the Duke Boys and then govern like Boss Hogg.  Too bad it was a Yankee who coined the self-serving term, "Honest Graft," because we sure got a lot of Texas politicians who believe in it.


December 18 - Dana Summers must be peeking in Fort Bend County ---

December 17 - And let's see if Jeff Gannon's name is on that list, too.  Check this out.

White House visitor logs are public documents, a federal judge ruled Monday, rejecting a legal strategy that the Bush administration had hoped would get around public records laws and let them keep their guests a secret.

The ruling is a blow to the Bush administration, which has fought the release of records showing visits by prominent religious conservatives.

     A big ole hug to CREW, the organization who keep the lawsuit going. 
     And it seems just a tad sweet that the ruling was made not by a liberal federal judge, but by a Reagan appointee.

The Bush administration had sought to have the case moved to another judge by consolidating it with a similar lawsuit before U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer, an appointee of President Bush.

Lamberth, who served in the Justice Department before President Reagan put him on the federal bench, has roiled Democratic and Republican administrations alike with rulings rejecting government secrecy claims.

     I knew there was one Republican on earth with convictions and ethics.  I think we just found him.
     You know, there's petitions going around to impeach Bush.  Heckfire, I'd rather impeach every judiciary appointment - including the ones in the Department of Justice - as tainted by the filthy hands of Karl Rove, Roberto Gonzales, and Harriet Meyers.

December 17 - My friend Granny Geek is handy with a camera around her neighborhood of Oak Cliff (near Dallas). 
     I'm not so handy with a camera, but I've never let something as minor as competence stop me.
     Right down the street from me is this Christmas masterpiece ---

     And a couple of miles away in Pecan Grove ---

     But my favorite of all, a real Texas Christmas ---

     I gotta get me one of those!  Man, I'd plug that sucker in year 'round!  That's ain't neon, Honey; that's art.

December 17 - I'm visiting my next door neighbors today
     And speaking of Commissioner Andy Meyers, there's something else on his campaign report that bothers me, I mean besides buying himself a truck and paying his son.
     On last January 8th, he says he had a "Meeting with supporter / constituent" at Snapper Jack's restaurant on Jones Road in Houston.
     I looked it up.  That's 22 miles and a 30 minute drive from here.  It's way the heck out past Jersey Village on 290.
     First off, why would one of his constituents need to meet so far away from here?  I mean, how cute was this constituent? 
     Second off, last January 8th was a Monday.  What the fool tarnation was Andy doing out past Jersey Village on a Monday when he's supposed to be at work?

December 16 - One of my favorite writers, Jan Reid, has done an excellent cover story on Rick Noriega in this edition of The Texas Observer.  If you don't subscribe to The Observer, shame on you. 

Rick Noriega, the Democratic Houston legislator and candidate for U.S. Senate, is tall, trim, handsome, and bald. The National Guard lieutenant colonel, 49, was working a small crowd of San Antonio Democrats and donors this past September with both the habitual shoulders-back posture of a career soldier and the fluid ease of a onetime junior college infielder. “I’m nobody’s Don Quixote,” he told me in a later interview, acknowledging the odds against his turning out Texas’ incumbent junior senator, Republican John Cornyn. “I’m too old to go off tilting at windmills. But I’m fed up.”

     Take a trip to the site and see some awesome pictures of Rick and Melissa taken by Troy Fields. 
     I'm designing a bumper sticker that says, "My Senator Wears Combat Boots."

December 16 - ... or are you just reel glad to see me?

December 16 - Now I want you to stop and think for a minute what would have happened if this had occurred to fluffy white male voters during the Clinton administration.  Rush Limbaugh would have had to hire five or eight more housekeepers to buy his drugs just to keep him calm enough to to keep from drooling.

The Justice Department's voting rights chief stepped down Friday amid allegations that he'd used the position to aid a Republican strategy to suppress African-American votes.

John Tanner became the latest of about a dozen senior department officials, including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who've resigned in recent months in a scandal over the politicization of the Justice Department in the Bush administration.

In recent months, McClatchy has reported on a pattern of decision-making within the department's Civil Rights Division, of which the Voting Rights Section is a part, that tended to narrow the voting rights of Democratic-leaning minorities.

     Look, we survived Nixon and we'll survive Bush.  I'm just not so sure how much longer I can personally take it.

December 15 - 9:35 pmThere's hardly anything better than living in a small Texas town with the State High School 4A Champions.  (By the way, the coach is a former student at Lamar.  There's something so sweet about that.)

Congratulations Big Blue.

Lamar Consolidated Mustangs 20, Copperas Cove Bulldawgs 14

     And thanks to the Coaster Boys for reporting every play.

December 15 - Those wanting to follow the Mighty Mustangs to the State Championship can follow the game here


December 14 - We get email from funny people.

Maureen Dowd in her Houston Chronicle column this Wednesday about Mitt Rommney was quoting Jon Krakauer, who wrote a best seller about the Mormon faith. Krakauer worries that "the Mormon Church, while more welcoming, is still not a place that grants women and blacks equal status, and it's a terrible place to be gay. The leadership is authoritarian, male, white and absolutely intolerant of dissent."  
Heck-fire, I thought he was talking about the Fort Bend Commissioners Court.
 I've been after them for some time to appoint a woman or minority to the first available judgeship. Someone said, "Give it up. They wouldn't appoint a woman as dogcatcher."
Polly Prognosticator

Dear Polly,

Yeah, but if they need someone to fetch coffee   .....


December 14 - Oh good grief.  Texas Governor Rick Perry is running all over Iowa saying stoopid stuff.
     Rick Perry is like the crazy uncle you keep in the attic so the neighbors won't know that insanity runs in your family.  However, I suspect that for Texas, George Bush kinda let the cat out of the bag on that one.
     Anyway, Rick fancies himself taking Dick Cheney's place.  So, he's trying to scare the beejeebers out of everybody.

 Texas Gov. Rick Perry aired unusually pointed criticism of President Bush while stumping in Iowa for Rudy Giuliani for president last week. Perry predicted too that if Democrats prevail next year, the war on terrorism will return to U.S. soil.

     I guess they finally taught Perry to read polls, because he's changed his tune on his big buddy Bush.  Buit talk about a fair weather friend --

"Let me tell you something," Perry said: "George Bush was never a fiscal conservative. Never was. ... Wasn't when he was in Texas. ... I mean, '95, '97, '99, George Bush was spending money."

     And you know Rick, he can't miss an opportunity to kiss and tell.

Perry also revealed in his Iowa appearance that GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, had asked Perry to chair his campaign earlier this year.

"It was a hard conversation to call him and tell him I was for Rudy," Perry said. "He was disappointed, a bit frustrated. I still love him, and he still loves me."

     Good grief.  What a twit.


Someone may be putting a kink in those plans

We know Rudy is a big ol' two-timer. Do you think he's cheatin' on Rick with Haley?



Running Rick Perry as your Vice Presidential running mate thinking he'll carry Texas for you is like hiring Typhoid Mary as your cook thinking she'll serve up nothing but good, wholesome meals.  It's not a question of whether that harebrained decision will cost you, but how soon and how much.  Rick Perry, like the Vice Presidency, ain't worth a pitcher of warm spit.



We Texans have long been known to be a generous bunch. Why should we keep all of Rick Perry's twittery to ourselves? If nothing else, letting some of it go to other states acts kinda like a release valve and keeps us from getting all swole up with it. Besides, if he stays out there campaigning for a good long while, maybe we can get some money back on that $10,000 a month castle he's renting. 

Dave in Austin

December 13 - Yes, yes, we've had server problems.  No, I didn't remove any  posts - they just disappeared into those internet tubes last night.  I'd complain bitterly to Senator Ted Stevens if I were you.
     I restored them all, so stay a while and catch up.


December 13 - I've got some real bad news for Houston Republicans.  Last night was the newly formed Spring Branch Democrats first ever Christmas party. 
     Otila's was packed. Packed, as in had to eat standing up.  Tough luck if you had to go to the restroom -packed.  It was a T.O.M. crowd, Darlin' - Tough, Organized, and Motivated.
     State Senator John Whitmire was the keynote speaker and you would have thought you were at a tent revival.  There were Amens! all around the room as he told us why the Republicans have outstayed their welcome.
     Christina Walsh, Spring Branch Democrats club president, has done a remarkable thing with this group - in less that 3 months they have become the "in" place to be.  She's a whirlwind inside a tornado during a
hurricane.  She makes you proud to be a hooter-toter. 
     Here's a picture of Momma with Christina.  I'll be posting pictures of Momma with other famous people as the Christmas parties progress.   
     Momma wants you to know that they took up a generous donation for her favorite local charity that she's been supporting since probably before you were born - Sister Gay and The Mission Yahweh.
     It was another great night to be a Democrat. 

December 13 - Thank you, Mike Luckovich.

December 12 - Some sweet soul sent me a picture of  GOP Congressional candidate wannabe Dean Hrbacek with the folks who went blockwalking with him last weekend.

     Republicans: The Other White Meat.

     Yep.  There's plenty of diversity here.  Let's see - a tall white guy, a short white guy, a plump white woman, a white woman in blue jeans, a young white guy, a ..... oh wait, there's a white guy in a black shirt!

December 12 - Ya see, I don’t think this was a “slip” at all
     Texas Governor Rick Perry is dumber than a crate of bean dip, but he’s politically street-smart.  This is the guy who changed parties, not on principle, but on the fact that Republican woman swooned over him far more than Democratic women did.
     This morning, every newspaper in Texas is playing this as “a slip.”

Gov. Rick Perry made an apparent verbal slip Tuesday by describing former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as the best Republican presidential candidate on the issue of ending abortion and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the most electable in the general election. 

     That’s no slip, Honey.  That’s very calculated.  Perry truly believes that if Giuliani is the GOP nominee, Perry will be picked to be the Veep candidate.  Two reasons:  (1) Giuliani needs help carrying Texas, and (2) Perry can kiss-up to the Super DeLux Brand Christians.  The “oops!” slip about Huckabee only adds to Perry’s  bona fides with the steeple people. 
     It’s just Perry preening again.

December 12 - Time Magazine is doing their Top Ten end of the year lists.  You might want to check their Top Ten Campaign Gaffes
     I kinda think we might do that right here in the coming year.  With nine - count 'um, 9 - GOP candidates for CD22 so
far and all of them trying to out-Christian the other, this year promises to be fun locally, too.
     Personally, I'm kinda hoping this guy wins so I can sing "Love Boat" at every campaign event.  He's been out of the military for a decade, so my best guess is that he's got a uniform fetish or often tries to get on cruise ships for free.
     And then there's this guy, Alan Steinberg
, who drives a small fast car, still lives at home with is parents, and keeps emailing me begging me to write about him. 
     Okay, Alan, here goes:  I have found that men who drive small, fast cars generally are.



Now that reminds me of an old joke: 

What's the difference between a Porsche and a porcupine? 

The pricks are on the outside of a porcupine.


If "Alan came to Washington DC", then how is he now eligible to run in CD 22?  I did not see where his About Alan "bio" indicates that he ever came back to Texas.

Just Wondering,

December 11 - Now where'd I put that burka?
     GOP contender Mike Huckabee signed a statement in USA Today that says, among other very irritating things, "A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ."
     Hummmm ... seems to me I've heard that song before.  (Links to an old cache copy.  It also contains one of the best lines I've ever written, "Charlie is a self-confessed member of the religious right. The religious right is to religion what pro wrestlers are to sports."
     In short, our state representative Charlie Howard (Rep., Creepy) agrees 100% with Huckabee and announced it at the Republican Men's Club.
     My favorite part of the Charlie Howard story:

I wish to make the following announcement: At the Republican Men's Club, Charlie Howard was asked by a woman what she should do if she is a single mother without a husband to head up her household. Charlie told her that she should get a neighbor man to help her. I ain't kidding; he said that.

Being as how most married women are not willing to lend Bubba to the cute widow lady down the street, I offer the following advice. If you are a single mother with no husband but need a man to help you, call Charlie Howard at (281) 565-9500. He is available for yardwork, grunting, small rodent killing, Bible Study, scratching when your friends visit, using your best towels for auto repair, leaving the toilet seat up, and sitting in front of the tv in his underwear eating Doritos and hollering coaching plays at tv evangelists.

     And if I had Mike Huckabee's phone number, I'd post it here for you, too.

Oh wise one,

Thanks for the heads up on Huckabee.  I've already promised my Democratic sis that if he somehow manages to get the Repub nomination, I am staying home on election day.  The shift dress messed up my figure enough.  Can you imagine what a burka would do????

I have a great idea.  How about every unattached female in Charlie Howard's district call him to help her with all those chores that we gals are not qualified to attend to--you know like putting lights on the roof, rat killing, trash taking out.  Let's keep him busy until spring so he doesn't have a chance to campaign and then we can elect a woman to replace him.  Paula Stansell -

Hooters proud


December 10 - Okay, okay, I swear it's not me who is doing this, but it's pretty danged funny.
     Several months ago, I noticed that CD 22 GOP Congressional candidate Dean Hrbacek had written himself a wiki.  I commented that it's probably not smart to do that because you can't control the message on a wiki.  Anybody can come along and edit your wiki. 
     Which is exactly what's happening.  Take today, for example.  Until Dean comes along and changes it back, you will be proud to discover that ---

Wallace won the election after receiving the backing of several Republican leaders with whom he was allied in Fort Bend County and a local African-American newspaper that was sued for libel by Hrbacek. Despite the support of many gay and lesbian rights groups, Hrbacek faced a hard race, before losing to Wallace, who ended up winning 56 percent of the vote.

and ....

Following the election, Hrbacek filed a lawsuit against Jon Matthews and the newspaper publisher, B.K. Carter, over the comments, which claimed that the comments also damaged the reputation of Hrbacek's law firm. Matthews has since been indicted and convicted as a sex offender for exposing himself to a child and is no longer on the air or writing columns for the newspaper. However, he remains in contention for a run at district clerk on the Republican ticket in the upcoming election.

     Another not-very-bright idea brought to you by the far rightwing of the GOP.

December 10 - So, Scooter Libby drops his appeal.  And we're all wondering what excuse the White House will use not to talk about it.  "Gee, we're sorry, but we don't discuss pending rat-outs?"

December 10 - Need some great Christmas gifts?  Thadeus and Weez have some nifty ideas.

December 10 - You might want to join Steve at a John Edwards (my first pick) rally.  Great commentary and fun pictures.

December 9 - Okay, one of the things we have got to change in the upcoming election is the Texas Supreme Court.  They are so outta whack that they qualify for state whack assistance.
     Rick Casey shows us another example of whose pocket they are in ---

High court plays gotcha with workers

You don't have to be a liberal these days to figure out that the Texas Supreme Court will twist itself into a legalistic pretzel to favor corporations over the little guy.

On Friday, four Republican justices who sit on the nine-member court came to that conclusion.

     I don't care where you live or what you do, drop on over to Susan Criss's website right here and give her some money.  $5. shows you care.  $5. buys a couple of yard signs.  Give her $5. and you're gonna feel good about yourself because $5 might get the court back in the hands of the people.

December 8 - UPDATE:  The Lamar Consolidated Mustangs are going to the State Finals.  See ya there!
Several years ago, back when I wrote for a newspaper, I followed a 4-A high school football team in the small town where I live for a couple of years.  Since I was going to attend the games anyway, I decided to do a column about it.
     The boys loved it and it was some of the best and funniest writing I've done.  The players still look me up, most of them fully grown men now, and tell me how much fun it was for me to write, "Honey, he sacks better than the bag boy a Kroger."  They gave me a big ole obnoxious Homecoming mum with stringers all over that I still count as one of my prize possessions.
     Well, the Lamar Consolidated High School football team made the newspaper again, but this time it was on the front page of the Houston Chronicle.  No kidding, all over the front page.
     They may win their first state championship.  And 5' 6" Jacquizz Rodgers may become the state record holder for touchdowns in a season tonight.
     I live about a mile as the crow flies from the school and even when I'm not at the games, I can hear it loud and clear.  By the way, the Mustang Band is one of the best they've had in years.
     Go Mustangs! 
     And, appropriately enough, their colors are blue and white so they've got that thing going for them, too.

Hey Susan,

So great to see you covering Jacquizz Rodgers.  I've actually been  following his progress since he committed to my alma mater, Oregon  State, so it was great to see him get a mention on your site.  His older brother James is playing as a true freshman for the Beavers, and just won the biggest game of the year (the Civil War against the  University of Oregon Ducks) for us with a 25 yard fly sweep on the first play of double OT.  Can't wait to see the Rodgers brothers on  the field together for the Beavs.

Go Mustangs!  Go Beavers!



Marita, we'd love to keep him in the Lone Star State, but who can blame anyone for going to Orgeon?  Susan

December 7 - Thanks to MB for the heads-up.  Another GOPper takes a fall ---

Jeffrey Ray Nielsen—the well-connected Orange County conservative activist who claimed the so-called liberal media, specifically the Weekly, was out to get him by publishing a series of exposés on his pedophile activities—finally admitted on Dec. 5 that he used two boys for sex since the early 1990s.

In open court, a somber Nielsen, who has extensive personal ties to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Orange County Republican Party boss Scott Baugh, gave Superior Court Judge David Thompson signed guilty pleas acknowledging two felonies: committing lewd acts on a 12-year-old Virginia boy and 14-year-old Orange County boy.


December 7 - And in the No Shoot, Sherlock Department ---

     Maybe if you boys at the Coaster Herald Fort Bend Cougar Mellencamp had even one female on your staff, things might work better.  It doesn't even have to be a big female; it can even be a small one.
     I mean, if kids from Dean Hrbacek campaign can make a website, you ought to be able to. 

December 7 - Boy Howdy, Cowpoke, I'm just real pleased that Karl Rove is back in Texas drunk again.  That fella's just downright entertaining when he's put a few Lone Stars under his belt and start thinking all the ugly boys are pretty ----

Longtime GOP strategist Karl Rove decried Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular as big spenders ...

     Goodness Sake, Betty Sue, irony is not dead.
     By the way, Karl, your shipment of failure has arrived.  You can pick it up down at the bus station.

December 7 - For a long time around here the Belles of Heaven Republican Women's Club and their fellow travelers have referred to me as being "Anti-Christian" because I oppose hypocrisy, nakkid greed, gossip, and backstabbing, all of which, apparently, are tenets of Christian Republicanism.  
     I also suspect that spending us into hell is also a tenet but that's a whole 'nother story.
     I have refused to discuss my faith publicly because it would take all the fun out of their name-calling.
     So, it was with great interest that I listened to Mitt Romney's speech yesterday.  For the most part, I agree with Rick Casey at the Chronicle ---

When John Kennedy came here in 1960 to face the the skeptical Protestant ministers of the Greater Houston Ministerial Association at the Rice Hotel, he defused American anti-Catholicism with 1,595 well-chosen words.

Yesterday Mitt Romney's prepared speech to a hand-picked audience at College Station's George Bush Presidential Library and Museum contained 2,540 words, nearly a thousand more than JFK's.

Romney needed the extra words. His job was tougher than Kennedy's.

Kennedy simply had to convince Protestants that he was a good American.

Romney has to convince Republican primary voters that he is a good Christian.

     But there was something in his speech that made me laugh.
     Romney promised that he would not allow the leaders of his faith to dictate his public policy.  That's nice.
     However, he forgot the add that the leaders of other extremist religions will most certainly will dictate his public policy. 
     Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and James Dobson have trumped the leaders of the Mormon church for Romney's affection and allegiance.  They will dictate Romney's policy.  And they give me the creeps.    

Hey Susan,
Welcome to the Club! I'm catholic so I've been considered the "Wrong Kind of Christian" myself by those same folks. We're gonna one heck of a party in Hell, won't we?
Anyways, is Jerry Falwell still dead as a doornail? Or is he still speaking to the Repub candidates? 
I've had it up to my ears with this kind of stuff. I've decided I'm voting for the person who stands up to the religious testers and says "I will work for the American People, not for the Mormons, the Catholics, the Southern Baptists, the Jews, the Muslims, or the atheists or any haters". Religion should be personal and private, not a public display and certainly not a state supported means test for our elected leaders. 
And yes, they give me the creeps too. 
Good Luck to us.
Your Dam Yankee friend in Spring,

Anyone who can read the gospels, read what Jesus said to the very worst of sinners, and then, by contrast, read what He said to the Pharisees, should be pretty danged terrified ever to say “I personally define what it means to obey God, and I set myself up in a position to call people good enough at following God or not good enough.” When Jesus is calling people vipers and questioning whether they have any hope of escaping hell, then that’s clue number one that the behavior isn’t a good idea. 

Not that this will dawn on any of the Belles of Heaven. Their Bible is a lot more fun to use like a dictionary: just look up the sound bite that fits neatly into today’s designated outrage, and they’re happy as pigs in slop. Until, that is, the day they come face-to-face with Him; then I think the fun will come to a pretty abrupt halt. 

Dr. Doyle in Oregon

Listening to the evangelical's blather has got me to wondering why someone hasn't made this bumper sticker for those of us who stayed awake in Sunday School.


December 6 - We get email that makes us semi-jealous.

hello Susan, 
You know, if I hadn't come across your 'ain't-a-blog' during the DeLay glory days I wouldn't have ever known what a fascinating world there is in Texas politics. Reading this while sitting on a boat in Hawaii- it's work, not pleasure- makes me realize that Hawaii officials aren't the only sleaze around.
Anyway, in reference to the land of real blogs, Dan has confirmed on the top of Page 2 of this article what any idiot already knew. I mean, Fox believing they don't get the White House access they deserve? How deep do they need their collective head?

Thanks once again,

December 6 - The Republicans who aren't dropping out are dropping in .... jail.

Former congressman Curt Weldon's chief of staff has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy charges for allegedly helping a consulting firm championed by Weldon obtain federal funds and for concealing money the firm paid his wife, according to court papers filed yesterday.

Russell James Caso Jr. and a top official at the unnamed nonprofit consulting firm met repeatedly with Weldon to seek the Pennsylvania Republican's help in obtaining federal funds for the organization's defense projects, according to the court papers.

     The Federal Pen Caucus of the GOP is becoming a large force in the Party.

When all these Repubs are paroled, the movement to restore voting rights to convicted felons will really pick up some new supporters!

Lisa D.

Voting rights are restored to felons convicted in Texas when their incarceration, parole, or probation has been completed. 

The discharged felon need only re-register to vote in his county of residence.

Wright N. Justice

December 5 - A big ole thanks to Nick Anderson this morning.

December 5 - Alfredo reminds us that the Tom DeLay saga is not over and offers-up a very interesting article giving up a glimpse into Tom and Jack's relationship.

While he had plans to make life miserable for Plaisted, Abramoff’s RMI strategy called for devising new ways to combine fun, fundraising events and policymaking to benefit his client. In the e-mails, Abramoff and his team discussed holding fundraisers during Kabua’s planned state visit.

First was a fundraiser at a Sept. 12, 1999, Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys game to be held for DeLay and Young. DeLay, according to e-mails within Abramoff’s team, had agreed to attend, but Young was not planning on showing up.

At the time, Abramoff and his fellow Preston Gates lobbyists were contacting DeLay about RMI legislation. Foreign lobbying records show they contacted Rudy, DeLay’s deputy chief of staff, at least 16 times throughout 1999.

     Poor Ole Tom.  All prissyed up and no one to pay the bill.

December 4 - Okay, those of you who have been hanging around here for a while know that I have some interests outside of politics - baseball, ancient Greek playwrights, radios, and kettle corn.  We're not going to talk about kettle corn.  Kettle corn far too complicated to talk about.
     I love radios -- all kinds of radios.  I love am and fm and ham and scanners and shortwaves and if it's in the air vibrating I want to know about it! 
     Therefore, if this happens today, it's likely to save me some money.  While satellite radio is nowhere near as cool as ham or shortwave, or even scanners for that matter, it is great for clear reception on road trips. 
     It would be nice if I didn't have to flip a coin every year to decide which one I'm willing to pay for.  On the other hand, will it get real expensive if there's just one?  While I'm willing to pay to hear old radio dramas, weird late-night call-in shows, and uninterrupted music, I ain't willing to pay to hear Oprah or Dr. Phil or Howard Stern. 
     I just thought you'd want to know that unlike all the other non-bloggers, I care about your radio and will stand on constant vigilance to insure that somebody is watching this stuff.

You may want to check out Three bands of music for your listening enjoyment.
I read your blog regularly and enjoy your comments.
Keep it up!
Nara Visa, NM

December 3 - Amen, Hal!  How Republican County Judge Bob Hebert can call himself a "conservative" just wilts the angel on top on my tree. 
     And how 'bout the taxpayers' right to see how this money is spend by the EDC?  Oh noooo ... we're supposed to just trust them.  This is such a scan, but when you elect the EDC's pimp as county judge, what the fool tarnation do you expect? 
     And here's a question for you:  Why do we have to give the EDC money to do what the Chamber of Commerce is supposed to do for free?  Answer:  Presidency of the Chamber doesn't pay well enough for Bob Hebert's pals.

December 3 - Abramoff?  We don't know no Jack Abramoff.

The Bush administration is laying out a new secrecy defense in an effort to end a court battle about the White House visits of now-imprisoned lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The administration agreed last year to produce all responsive records about the visits "without redactions or claims of exemption," according to a court order.

But in a court filing Friday night, administration lawyers said that the Secret Service has identified a category of highly sensitive documents that might contain information sought in a lawsuit about Abramoff's trips to the White House.

The Justice Department, citing a Cold War-era court ruling, declared that the contents of the "Sensitive Security Records" cannot be publicly revealed even though they could show whether Abramoff made more visits to the White House than those already acknowledged.

     I wonder how many of our tax dollars were used to pay White House lawyers to find THAT loophole?
     Any why was Jack Abramoff anywhere near any Sensitive Security Records?
     Can you even imagine if the Bill Clinton White House pulled a stunt like this?  Cripes, they'd be ready to hang him for treason.

December 3 - This morning, at what seemed like the crack of dawn to me, Lt. Col. and State Representative Rick Noriega held a breakfast blocks from the home where he grew up before making the trip to Austin to file papers to make his candidacy for the United States Senate official.
     I imagine you'll see lots of pictures about this historic event all over the internets.  But this is the only place where you'll see a picture of Rick's wife, Houston City Council member Melissa Noriega, with Rick's third grade school teacher. 
     Beautiful women both.  
     How can you lose with faces like that supporting you?

December 3 - Okay, for those of you who want to to see the original source code before Captain IQ tried to sloppily change it, here's a PDF you might want to keep around in case you need it in the future.

December 2 -

Dear Liz Mitton,

     The good news is that I was right.  The better news is that you were wrong. 
     You have been sending around emails saying that I cannot be trusted about your Dean Hrbacek Blog because I’m a Democrat. 
     Lord .  Have.  Mercy. 
     Girl, you’re talking, but you ain’t saying nothing.  Is your sanity on backorder? 
     I never asked anyone to trust me about your insane need to blog anonymously and go all ga-ga over GOP congressional candidate Dean Hrbacek.  This ain’t faith-based, Honey. 
     I’m not asking people to believe ME.   I have proof that you are, in fact, connected to the blog www.cd22watcher, a.k.a. Hrbacekpolooza. 
     First, we exposed the connection between cd22watcher and two other blogs you have
     You took down the two blogs faster than double-geared lightening, and sent out an email to your entire email list saying we didn’t know what we were talking about because we’re Democrats.   In your email you say that you are mortified that Bev Carter of the Fort Bend Star gets information from this website.  There’s no reason to be mortified.   Bev Carter knows that for 20 years I have never printed anything I cannot prove, and that I know a lot I don’t print under the theory of “Don’t Tell Everything You Know Because You Never Know When You’ll Need It.”
     Then just out of pure meanness, we showed everyone the RSS widget connecting you to the blog.  You took that off the site within hours , and still denied that it was you. 
     Girl, has the devil got complete control over you and your booty?  What’s it gonna take to make you face the reality of your  DNA and fingerprints all over  this sucker?
     How ‘bout a motion picture?  A movie!  Cinema! 
     Popcorn, anyone? 
     We have a movie of the latest proof that the Hrbacekometer is your website, Liz.  We tried to get Glen Close to star in it as you, but she refused, saying she didn’t want to be typecast as an insane, evil woman.  So, this movie just stars you and your blog, Hrbacekacita.
     Those “techno-geeks” who claim to be running your blog just don’t know squat about source code, or maybe they do and they’re setting your hiney up for a loooong fall.  Why don’t you just tell Jersey Boy that you’re not going to be sluttin’ for him no more? 
     LMITTON starring in, “Are You Smarter Than a Democrat?” 

     For a higher quality video, click here, Babe.  You left the source code to the widget, Captain IQ.
     This is probably still on your site, Hon, because we even checked this morning. 
     And, there’s more.  Lots more.   And when you remove it the minute I mention it, it’s admitting you’re guilty.
     And you call ME crazy?  Hell, at least I know who I am.  You can’t say that ‘cuz the devil done got inside your head. 
     I warned you once, Girl, don’t mess with me.  Don’t call me a liar.  And, Miz Litton, you’re just edging-up on messing with me and the FEC.   
     I think you owe me, Mark, and Bev Carter a big ole apology.  Or a lot of money.   I dunno about Bev because I haven’t discussed it with her, but I’ll settle for you coming over to my house and cleaning the tops of my ceiling fans while my friends and I drink Margaritas and watch.  Mark doesn’t have ceiling fans, but he does have a three-legged dog named Gizmo who needs a leg transplant.  It’d probably be cheaper for you to donate one of yours before he gets an arm from you, too. 
     I’ve only got about one nerve left and you’re getting all over it.  Face it, my techno-nerds are better than yours.  Funnier, too.  Check out my new website  And while you’re there, check the source code on that site.
     Oh Heavens, girl, wave a white flag before I tell some more of what I know. 
     Don’t make me get the flying monkeys. 

Oh purveyor of truth and reality and law,

Regarding the Hrbacekpolooza site - Just who can get into trouble for running a web site without proper disclaimers?   The candidate?  The volunteers or staff? 

Looks like Lizzy Mitton estimates her cleverness and credibility factors way too high. Once again Fort Bend County is indebted you you and yours for exposing the truth.

Just wondering

Dear Mr. Wondering - We here at Kiss My Big Butt Butt Dot Com have a team of legal experts who are looking at this issue with eagle eyes.  Well, that's not true.  We have a pre-lawyer-in-training who has the email address of the FEC.  However, that appears to be more than Dean's campaign support team has.
     Upon reflection, I ask that you please do not make fun of Liz's name.  It's sophomoric, below our abilities, and most importantly, I hear they're calling her "Mittons" over in New Territory and we cannot beat that.


Susan, I am a diehard Republican but I will vote for you if you run for office.  I will. 


Dear Dick, do not get carried away.  Grab ahold of yourself.  On second thought, if you're a Republican that probably isn't good advice.  I would be a horrible public servant.  Telling everyone to kiss your patoot ain't a great campaign slogan. 


Its kinda scary that this mittens lady would think her ID Would have to be hidden. After all its not like in Mexico where mayors and journalists are gunned down in the streets for having an opinion. Maybe they know something we don't know.

CYCLOPS1 (just in case)

It's now 6:30 p.m.  I don't know when you posted this, but the "line" is gone on her website.  You're right about it appearing to be correct when they fix it so quickly.  I assume you have more evidence?


Dear Mike, I posted it several hours before.  You're good at that assuming stuff.


Dear Susan,

I really like Hrbacek and as soon as I figure out how to pronounce his name, I will scream his name! By the way, is the H accentuated as in the way Paris Hilton says “Hot”? Or is it silent like in Halepeno? (oh wait, that is Jalepeno, which doesn’t have an H)


Dear John - it's pronounced "Herr Bad Czech." 

SusieQ -

Did you notice that this mess made the New Jersey News?  I see you even got a mention in the comments.

Garth  who Parties On

Hi Susan,
Remind me to never get on your bad side.....go girl!


December 2 - Well, at least the Harris County DA is willing to look at it.  Our DA refuses to even look.

With their war chests swelling and challengers nowhere to be found, the five members of Harris County Commissioners Court have spent more than $2.3 million in campaign cash the past two years on everything from charitable donations to clothing and rare books.

In doing so, some may have run afoul of state laws designed to make their campaign spending transparent to their constituents, according to experts and a Houston Chronicle review of Texas Ethics Commission complaints since 1992.

    Until we have ethics reform on county commissioner courts in Texas, we will continue to be sold down the river to developers, engineering firms, law firms, and good-ole-boys who want to get some tax dollars.
     Our county commissioners have to file new reports in January.  By looking at their old ones, you can bet it'll be entertaining.

December 2 - And David has video.  Oh, you just gotta see this.  Consider this my little dreary Sunday afternoon treat.

December 1 - Oh dear, he has a picture.  

December 1- We get email from people who think science isn't just a fad --


This should warm your heart about junk science in Texas.

Glad to see you back.


Read the comments with this article.  None of these "officials" with TEA ever set foot in a classroom. What a mess!


Motto of the Texas Education Agency:  "Fully preparing our children to meet the demands of the 18th century."

Mike W.

Let's not forget that Fort Bend has done their part in this mess by contributing home schooler and certified right of center Cynthia Dunbar to the State Board of Education. 










Welcome to the website formerly known as The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc.

My name is Susan DuQuesnay Bankston.
I live in Richmond, Texas, in heart of Tom DeLay's old district.  It's crazy here.  No, seriously, it's triple z crazzzy.

I used to be an independent voter, but that all changed when I got to know a few local Republicans.  They are meaner than 10 acres of snakes and have the ethical compass of a bank robber. 

So, I decided that they could just Kiss My Big Blue Butt.

A lot of what I post here has to do with local politics, but you probably have the same folks in your local government.

This ain't a blog.  Blogs are way too trendy for me.  I've been doing this since 1992, so I'm used to it even if you ain't. 

Email me and I'll find a place to put it if I like it.