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June 30 - Because he's good enough, smart enough, and doggoneit, people like him.

June 29 - Just a little fun update on Cap'n Randy Neugebauer that you might enjoy.
     According to his most recent financial disclosure report (page 13), Randy is a member of Empowerment Enterprises, LLC, a Texas LLC, which owns a watercraft worth between $500,000 and $1 million and which generated between $1,000 and $2,500 in rental income in 2008.
     But, even more fun?  The name of his yacht ... prepare yourself ... is ... Fun Raiser.


Certificate Status:


Certificate Issue Date:


Certificate Expiration Date:


Hailing Port:


Hailing Port Address:


Vessel Name:


Vessel Official Number:


Trade License Type:


Vessel Service Type:


      Just a tad too clever, don't ya think?

     And now that we have identified what yacht Randy owns, we can get pictures ---

     and the interior ain't shabby either ---


June 29 - Damn, Oklahoma State Republican Sally Kern has uncovered our secret plot to destroy the economy and she's .... fighting back with a well-armed resolution!

In Rep. Sally Kern's Proclamation for Morality she blames the nation's current economic and other problems on gays, abortion, divorce, and all around lack of Christian faith.

WHEREAS, the people of Oklahoma have a strong tradition of reliance upon the Creator of the Universe; and

WHEREAS, we believe our economic woes are consequences of our greater national moral crisis; and

WHEREAS, this nation has become a world leader in promoting abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, child abuse, and many other forms of debauchery; and

WHEREAS, alarmed that the Government of the United States of America is forsaking the rich Christian heritage upon which this nation was built; and

WHEREAS, grieved that the Office of the president of these United States has refused to uphold the long held tradition of past presidents in giving recognition to our National Day of Prayer; and

.... Oh Lord, it goes on and on ....

     So if you guys would just quit debaucherying around, God would feed little hungry children again.  But because you're misbehaving, God is punishing that little old lady down the street who never hurt a flea but now can't afford her medicine because the economy went to the pits because .... well, you know who you are, Mr. and Ms. Lack of Christian Faith.  
     And, if that doesn't scare you enough to quit your philandering ways, Sally bills herself as a Kernservative with Kerncerns. 
     Personally, that alone scares the poop outta me.

Dear Susan,
I would feel so much better about moving from OK to TX if I didn't live in Smoky Joe's district.  I don't know which is worse. 
up in Arlington

This gal must be channeling McCarthy!! What is her nickname? Torquemada?


Sally's wherasses jolted me awake this morning!  Whereas I have TRIED to see the point of view of Sally (and her ilk), but alas I cannot get my head that far up my whereas.   

Susan, I dearly love your non-blog.  I live in Redding, CA, a republican stranglehold in northern CA.  I continue to be optimistic, but not much has changed here in 20 years.  We did have a gay pride event here over the weekend and a 100 people showed up.  That would never have happened 20 years ago when I first moved here.   

Anyway, I just wanted you to know your non-blog is happily received here in my beautiful area.  Keep up the good work. 

Sharon B
Redding, CA


Sally Kern's website reveals the following:

Prior to her election, Sally was very active in her church as a Bible teacher and member of the choir, and continues to serve there. She was teaching high school government in Oklahoma City when elected.... Sally has taught school about 20 years.

Getting her out of the classroom and into Congress may seem like a step backward for America, but it is certainly a giant leap forward for the children of Oklahoma.

I'll take it as a better than even swap. She can't do nearly as much harm in Congress as she can in a classroom.

I'm not sure she's serious, anyhow. I think she serves in Congress so she can develop material for her other web site.

Tom in Lake Jackson

Hold on a minute, Sister Kern! Might it be that our great nation is being punished for prosecuting an unjust war (blessed are the peacemakers), killing more than 4,000 young Americans and uncounted numbers of Iraqis and Afghans (thou shalt not kill) and torturing captives (love your enemies)? If anything is regularly forsaken by Kern and her ilk, it tends to be basic tenets of their religion. As in Texas, Oklahoma's "christians" have a serious problem when it comes to understanding the import of those tenets. The fruits of theocracy can be seen in Iran now. Serious fantods follow the thought of an Grand Ayatollah named Pat Robertson.



June 29 - I love the Bluejays.  I do.  Many good folks live in Needville, but it has become increasingly obvious that the Needville Independent School District has waaaaay too much money.

Six months after a federal judge ruled they violated the constitutional rights of a kindergarten student for not letting him wear his hair according to his Native American religious beliefs, Needville Independent School District officials have appealed the ruling before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In a recently filed appeal brief, Needville ISD’s attorney said the judge’s ruling “hijacked” the district’s authority to “regulate its population.”

The decision by the district marks the latest move in a nearly year-long dispute pitting the district and its strict student dress code against a 5-year-old boy who wishes to wear his hair long as an expression of his American Indian heritage.

     Outside of paying for this silly fight using little children's education money, the school board should also be ashamed of themselves for being control freaks.  "Regulating population" sounds like something they do in Iran, not the United States of America. 
     If you need to regulate the population, then you're not leading very darn well.

June 28 - Some of you have been following, with no small amount of glee I might add, the story of West Texas Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer and his yacht.
     It seems that Randy wanted to use his campaign funds to cover the cost of his 52 foot yacht.  Now, this gets funnier when you realize that there no bodies of water in Randy's district that would hold a 52 foot anything, and the thought of parading that sucker around on a tow is just too weird to imagine.
     No, Randy keeps his yacht in waters of the evil place - DeeCee. 
     Well, there's a ruling ---

Lubbock's congressman must pay himself to use a personal yacht for campaign events, federal elections regulators have ruled.

The ruling allows U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Lubbock, to legally use the boat for campaign events under certain conditions and look into chartering the 52-foot yacht to others for the same use.

     Randy's done gone into the yacht renting bidness, y'all!
     If you have some spare time, you'll enjoy reading the comments after the article in the Lubbock newspaper, with the liberals wondering why a guy who was almost bankrupt can suddenly afford  a yacht on a government salary, and the conservatives hollering that the liberals just have yacht-envy. 

It's only fitting that Cap'n Randy spend all his available time at the DC Yacht Club.  He's apparently had his head wedged firmly up his poop deck for the last year or so.   

Q: So you believe the President is a US citizen?

NEUGEBAUER: You know I don’t know. I’ve never seen him produce documents that would say one way or another.

 As far as Newhamburgler's Lubbock yacht is concerned, see pic attached.  This is the last known photograph, taken during a tragic incident involving the ceremonial burning of Presidential birth certificates, the US Constitution, and 9 GOP "family values" planks.



I have good reason to believe there is a connection, what with all the strange Republican behavior lately. See, it's like this, they don't believe climate change is for real so they ignore it. That is much to their peril because it really is getting hotter, Duh. Since Republicans are brain matter challenged this is a bigger danger for them. Due to the small size of their brains it leaves extra skull space that must be taken up by fluid. This fact and global warming couple to create the steamed clam effect. That is when their pesky wittle brain gets boiled in the extra fluid it is floating in because they refuse to stay out of the heat and deny it's that bad. The symptoms are running around nude, having rambling incoherent press conferences, confessing to adultery all the things that are happening lately. I can't explain Sarah Palin though cause Alaska is not that hot yet. She may just be regular crazy as opposed to steamed clam syndrome crazy.

That guy with the yacht, that could definitely be another symptom. West Texans buying yachts go figure.



June 27 - My friend Robin thinks it might have something to do with global warming.
     My theory -- and the cool thing about theories is that they don't have to be correct -- is what I call Susan's Third Law of Uptight:  there are universal limits to the amount of uptight a person can contain.  When those limits are exceeded, they go to the Safeway wearing nothing but a Davy Crockett cap and a grin.
     Another Republican exceeds the limit ---

Naked time got a little too public for a former Georgia mayor.

Authorities arrested Mark Musselwhite and charged him with public indecency last weekend after state Department of Natural Resources officers found him sitting nude at his Rabun County campsite.

Officers had received a complaint about a naked man walking along a nearby road earlier in the day, but the 43-year-old Musselwhite said he was not the same man. Musselwhite told the DNR officer he had been swimming in a nearby creek.

The Republican was elected to the Gainesville City Council in 2000, where he served for six years, including a stint as mayor. He lost a bid for a state Senate seat in 2006.

Musselwhite could not be reached for comment by The Associated Press on Saturday.

June 26 - We get some very cool email ---


No doubt you have seen GINO (Governor In Name Only) Sarah Palin's latest rant against those horrible "bloggers" (May their tribe increase). Here is the "real" story. This "Photoshop" extravaganza first occurred last week when David Letterman's mug was photoshopped onto the picture. Not a peep out of Palin. Today, a new face in the picture and Palin is tilting at the  "Windmils of her mind"

Who is Eddie Burke, you ask? He is a rotund, Palin worshipping, Rush Limbaugh wannabe, right-wingnut radio talk show cretin. The attached photos were taken on Tuesday evening in Anchorage at a hearing on a proposed ordinance adding Gays to the list of persons who may not be discriminated against. He testified against adoption of the ordinance wearing the red shirt you see here. Please note the misspelling of the word "racist" This "mental midget" is representative of Sarah's "Base".

The consensus among all of us is that Sarah baby is trying to deflect interest in at least three new ethics complaints that are said to be hitting soon, plus an investigation in the FBI/IRS pipeline, and/or an attempt to draw attention away from Gov. Sanford and to her. Where is Jerry Springer when we need him. Stay tuned for new developments as they happen.


Question is, why do Eddie Burke and people like him think it necessary to wear a t-shirt advertising who and what they are?  Usually their own words are more than sufficient.    The sad thing is that Burke et al find it amusing.  


June 26 - Thank you, Jim Morin ----

.... and Signe Wilkerson.

June 25 - Better than a thousand words ----

June 25 - Since I have declared this to be Do Something Nice for Someone Else Dammit Day, this is something you might consider.
     We're having a string of temperatures in the double digits.  It is killer hot.
     Meals on Wheels has an emergency need of fans for senior citizens who cannot afford to turn on their air conditioning, and most of them don't even have air conditioning.  Please consider donating a new or a gently used fan to Meals on Wheels.  They will also accept monetary donations to purchase fans.
     I know times are tough, but a $15 fan can save a life.  Call Kristin at 281-633-7057 or email her at  You folks from foreign states can send a check. 
     If you want to save a life AND improve the world, write "Vote Democratic" on the fan.

June 25 - Oh dear, it's worth a look.  (Work safe if no one is looking at your screen for a minute or two.)

Hi Susan,

Last night I vented until I figured out what bothers me.  If Marc Sanford wants any empathy, this weakling would get it from me if he would just apologize to Bill Clinton and what goes with that apology.


June 24 - Talk about great marketing!  Go get you one of these buttons right now because this ain't going away.  I've already ordered mine.  Click the picture and part with a whole dollar for this one!
     I watched the press conference and it was just flat creepy.  That guy is creepy.  They should use him as a mental health poster child. 
     This was an internet machine romance?  Oh dude, that's so creepy.
     And best I can figure from his ramblings at the press conference, he was real concerned that people not think he lied to his staff and to reporters.  Wait a minute - you're getting your sausage smoked on a foreign fire and you're worried about a little fibbing? 
     I also think he's pondering on what Jesus thinks he should do.  Good Lord, Sweet Jesus thinks you should zip your damn pants and be with your kids on Father's Day. 

Down this way, it's Pele who advertises this particular product, but maybe we need a new Latin American spokesman.

And, it does give a whole new meaning to "stimulus package".


Well, Susan, you can see how easy it was for Gov. Sanford to get confused!
I mean, who wouldn't confuse the two things: 
Appalachian Trail
Argentinian Tail.
I'm sure he'll start blaming his assistants for "misunderstanding" him next.....
I hope his wife tosses his sorry @$$ out onto the Appalachian Trail!


You just can't make this stuff up!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! can.............


June 24 - Thank you, Don Wright!

June 24 - Okay, so I go to lunch with my friend Sara and by the time I get back, Mark Sanford has admitted to shredding a couple of commandments and has resigned as head of the Republican Governor's Association.
     I cannot imagine why having unwed hoochy-koochy would keep anyone from being head of the Republican Governor's Association - in fact, I thought it was one of the qualifications.
     But then I read what has to be one of the damn weirdest news stories ever put to words:

UPDATE: Sanford apologized at a press conference to his family, and his staff at a press conference for "the way that I let them down." He said he had a conversation with his father-in-law a few weeks ago about where "my heart was ... laying my cards on the table."

"There are moral absolutes, God's law is indeed there to protect you from yourself. There are consequences if you breach that. This press conference is a consequence."

At first it was not clear what Sanford was referencing.

"I've been unfaithful to my wife and I've developed a relationship with what stared as a dear, dear friend from Argentina," he finally said. The affair has been going on for a year, he later explained.

Sanford announced that he is resigning as head of the Republican Governors Association.

"I spent the past five days of my life crying in Argentina," he said, "so I could come back and cry here."

     Don't cry with me, Argentina? 
     The only question left is - what gender is the "friend?"

It has long been my considered opinion that Democrats tend to screw around on their wives, and Republicans screw the rest of us.

I sense an attempt at a Republican resurgence beginning, because it is evident that they have adopted the Democratic mode of operation as a means to regain control. Problem is, they just don't have the right plan. President Obama chose a different path. Poor Republicans! A day late and a dollar usual!!


June 24 - I still think it has to do with Barack Obama being magic.  How else can you explain his possible Republican opponents dropping like spit off a tall building?
     So now, Governor Mark Sanford says he was in Argentina, which is a tad south of the Appalachian Trail.  Maybe he gets his head together by standing on a balcony and pretending to Eva Peron.  Maybe he lost his compass and wandered off.  You'd think he'd notice when he got along about the Panama Canal that this wasn't Tennessee, but it was National Nude Hiking Day and I can see how that could be distracting.
     You know what's in Argentina?  Cowboys and Nazis.  That's what in Argentina.  And, personally, after George Bush, I don't trust either one. 
     You know, if we women need to get our heads together, we go into town to the spa.  We turn off our cell phones for a couple of hours and threaten the staff with very poor tipping if they attempt to bring us a message from anyone other than our children or our husbands, both of them having been lectured of the possible consequences of bothering us while we're at the spa unless there's imminent death or a 30 minute sale on Godiva dark chocolate. 
     After a couple of hours, we emerge at peace with God and the world.  Which is why South Carolina's next Governor needs to be a woman. 

And wasn’t it Republican leader Rush Limbaugh who was caught not long ago coming back by himself from the Dominican Republic or some such foreign country, with a bunch of illegal drugs in his possession, not to mention an abundance of Viagra and condoms? 


Dang it! Sanford only did a Republican. I was kind of hoping for something original, but that's too much to ask from the Party of No New ideas. I really don't know how they can continue to talk about family values and at the same time destroy their own families, thinking it's OK to simply ask forgiveness.

As this news conference continues on, he went to Argentina with the knowledge of his wife. The lies continue.

This is really too much. I wish so much this isn't the GOP standard operating procedure. How can they be so shameful and shameless at the same time?


June 23 - Just in case you needed any additional proof that I am one hot chick, the first 100 degree day comes on my birthday.  It's official now.
     And now it's becoming obvious why I have to wait two weeks to get my birthday present.  I have the original iPhone, which is going to Little Bubba when I upgrade from 8 gigs to 32. 
     My iPhone is the best toy I've ever had - even better than Barbie or a pony.  I am an ap fool.  I spend more money on iTunes than I do at the beauty shop.  (And the first fool who says, "Well, that's obvious," get a whack upside the head.)

June 23 - Thank you, Stuart Carlson ---

June 22 - Okay, I wanna tell you guys about something damn weird.
     Waller County is right up the road from me.  Waller is battleground county with a sizeable African American population due to a major black university in its boundaries.
     Out of the clear blue, voters in Waller county got a letter from the voter registrar.  Click the little one to see the big one.

     And inside was legal-sized sheet of paper dated May 11, 2009.  With the stated purpose of "to bring our voter registration list up to date we would appreciate your cooperation with the following request." 
     The first request is for your name. 
     Now, you would think they could get that off the front of the envelope, but apparently there's a shocking shortage of rocket scientists at the Waller County Voter Registrars Office.
     There follows 6 questions:
     1.  Precinct (commissioner/voting) per your understanding
     How many people in Texas know what commissioners precinct they live in?  6.  I counted.
     2.  Complete physical address in Waller County
     I'm just taking a stab at this, but probably where I'm registered and where you got my name.
     3.  Complete mailing address
     Okay, so Waller is rural so I might pick up my mail at the PO Box in town.  However, I had to provide my physical address when I registered and that's how you got my name in the first place.  And you mailed this to me so you probably have a pretty good guess what my mailing address is.
     4.  If you live on a FM, HWY, or dividing line etc., we need to know which side of the road you live on.  Please draw a map or give us actual directions pointing out any markers and or cross roads.
     Draw a map?  Okay, this is a joke, right?  The government wants me to draw a map to my house for them? 
     And, think about this:  The minute I send this back to the voter registrar, it becomes public record and anybody has the right to see it.  I'm not in the habit of drawing maps to my house in bathroom stalls or open government records.
     However, just in case you're going to revoke my voter registration if I don't send this back with a map, here's mine.  Have fun finding me.  I'm pretty sure I live in Commissioner Precinct 4. 

     And this is just out of personal curiosity, but is a cross road a very grouchy street?
     Now, along about now you readers are starting to think that I'm making all this up.  I ain't.  Here's a pdf of the questionnaire in life-size living color
    There's more.
     5.  Please include a phone number and or e-mail address for possible questions.
     The voter registrar has no right to my e-mail address or my phone number.  However, if you live in Waller county and need some help in this delicate situation, every please feel free to use my domain name and list yours as  You're very welcome. 
      6.  Please return this letter with your answers to the Waller County Voter Registration 730 9th St Hempstead TX 77445 or fax it to XXX-XXX-XXXX
     Your immediate attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for your help.
     Here's my concern.
     If somebody in Waller County got this, they are going to think that they will be removed from the voter rolls if they don't send this back.  No where on this questionnaire does it say that this is voluntary. 
     Secondly, are they going to remove voters who don't answer the questionnaire?  Are they going to remove people who can't draw a map for the life of themselves?
     Third, why are they spending taxpayer money to mail this to every registered voter in Waller County?  Next they'll have to hire someone to input all this information.  Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to hire someone to go to those few rural addresses on a precinct dividing line and figure it out?  That couldn't possibly take more than a day or two. 
     And, lastly, what are they going to do with all this information?  Is one political party going to get all these email addresses and phone numbers, and hot damn - maps!

     If Thelma gets this questionnaire and doesn't know what commissioner's precinct she lives in, she won't return it for fear of looking dumb.  Then she'll figure they took her off the voting rolls and Thelma won't even bother to go to the polls at the next election.  We need Thelma's vote in a battleground county.

     If you know anyone in Waller County, call them and tell them that whoever approved this sucker is three curls short of a perm.  And that all their tax money is going to end up going for lawyers.

June 20 - A car in front of me in Richmond this afternoon, just in front of the library.

     Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. 
     All my friend drive Porsches, I must make amends. 

     I'm trying to decide if it's a very, very good Janis Joplin joke, or a very bad religious thought.  Considering this is Richmond, I'm going with door #2.

     I think Janis Joplin is giggling somewhere.


I prayed to Lee Iococca, and found this parked in my driveway the next morning!  It works!

Susan Baby, I'm of the opinion that the owner/driver of the MB with the vanity plate, "IPRAYED" hasn't a clue who Janis Joplin is and wouldn't believe it if someone tried to explain JJ and the song to them.   Janis left us all to soon but if laughter could bring her back we could all have a helluva time.  


Hi Susan, 
I saw this this cartoon at Jesus' General and thought you might like it.



  I was inspired this morning by that  bumper sticker ... this is going on my  truck:



June 19 - While he was a judge in Houston, Congressvarmint Ted Poe was fond of making shoplifters stand in front of the mall as part of their punishment, wearing a sandwich board saying, "I am a shoplifter." 
     You will be happy to know that I am at work on a sandwich board for him saying, "I am an ethics violator." 
     Click here for a PDF of the $25,000 fine the Federal Election Commission just levied on Poe for wildly under and over stating both his contributions and expenditures for several years. 
     It appears Poe cannot book keep nor understand the theory of money in and money out, which is a major shock considering he's a rabid conservative. 
     No, wait, considering the mess the conservatives have the country in, this is not a shock at all.  In fact, they shouldn't even fine him for it.  It's expected.  It's kinda like blaming a blind man for not being able to see. 
     Ted Poe:  Serial Ethics Violator.  Hold up your sign, Ted.

June 19 - According to Harvey Kronberg, Texas unemployment rate hits 7.1%.

...the job losses are nearly double what Comptroller Susan Combs predicted earlier this year.  Combs revenue estimate to the Legislature was predicated on 90,000 job losses by October of this year.  The actual combined losses from January through May hover around 170,000.

     Think about that before you ever, ever vote for a Republican again. 

They lie so much about the numbers. If they are admitting to 7.1% then the real numbers are easily double that. If you no longer file because you've exhausted your benefits-you are no longer counted as unemployed.

If you weren't working 40 hours a week you are not considered eligible for benefits. If you are working 3 part time minimum wage jobs just to keep groceries on the table but want full time employment, you're not counted.

The local fishwrap here used to have 30-40 pages of help wanted ads in the Sunday paper-now there's less than 10 and usually only about 6 or 7. And this is in Austin.


June 19 - Well, John, I might ask you the same question.  It seems to me that you've represented old rich white men for a loooong time now.

A GOP senator said Thursday he will use hearings on Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court to ask whether she intends to be a justice "for all of us, or just for some of us."

     Yes, that GOP Senator was Texas' own John Cornyn.
     Let's take count here.  Since the formation of the Supreme Court, we've had exactly two women and two minorities. 
     I guess we can't be having a female minority on the court because that would roll the fairness wheel right off the cliff.
     Shuddup, Cornyn, I've only got about one nerve left and you're getting all over it.

I think we should give Sen. Cornyn the benefit of the doubt on his question. After seeing the recent crop of S.C justices he just wants to be sure we can finally get one who believes in justice for all.


June 19 - From the We Don't Like Activist Judges crowd, we get this ---

The U.S. Supreme Court said Thursday that a convicted rapist has no constitutional right to test biological evidence used at his trial in the state of Alaska years earlier, leaving it to states to decide when prisoners get access to genetic evidence that might prove their innocence.

In a 5-4 vote, with the conservative justices in the majority, the court said it would not second-guess states or force them routinely to look again at criminal convictions.

     Okay, so now you have no constitutional right to all the evidence that would prove you innocent. 
     So, Boys, you don't want to second guess Mississippi?  Or Florida, who can't even hold a proper election?  Or Texas, where we just wanna watch 'um die? 
     Good thinking.  Not.

June 18 - Hey, Tom Daschle -- Kiss My Big Blue Butt.

The firm that houses two of the three former Senate majority leaders who proposed a comprehensive health care compromise bill on Wednesday has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby on behalf of key players in the health care industry. In addition, the company that presented those findings, the Bipartisan Policy Center, counts as a major fundraiser one of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies.

Former Sens. Tom Daschle, Bob Dole and Howard Baker joined forces this week to put out a health care plan 15 months in the making. The three political gray beards, who co-founded the Bipartisan Policy Center, called for an approach to reform that included state-operated public insurance options as well as individual and employer mandates for coverage. Their proposal was pitched as a bi-partisan effort at solving one of the most complex legislative issue facing the nation.

     I have a question: why did we work hard and win this election if we're just going to let Bob Dole and Howard Baker run things? 
     Hell, those two boys could run things if we'd lost, so why the hell did we work and do mailings and register people and go to rallys and donate and organize and phone bank and drive people to the polls and - dammit - bother to vote.

June 18 - I swear that Obama has some sort of magical powers.
     I've been feeling a tad peeved at him lately over health care and a few other things.
     Then, like magic, he gets George Bush to talk and remind me how really, really bad it was.

Former President George W. Bush fired a salvo at President Obama on Wednesday, asserting his administration's interrogation policies were within the law, declaring the private sector -- not government -- will fix the economy and rejecting the nationalization of health care.

     George Bush was 8 years of a butt-kicking with me supplying the butt. 
     Think about it:  how bean dip mud fence ignorant does somebody have to be to still believe in the private sector?  The mere fact that George Bush thinks he's an expert on anydamnthing is proof that he's on drugs.  And not even good ones, at that.
     I gotta figure out how Obama does that.  Does he just call Bush and Cheney on the phone and say, "Y'all, look, Susan's a little hacked off at me so could one of you say something?"
     It's magic.  I swear it it.


On G. W.'s magical powers ....

You gotta admit, John McCain and Sarah Palin have the same effect…..


When Bush speaks, the world cringes.
It is so nice to have a smart POTUS again, though I would have settled for one that did not embarrass me after the last 8 years.



Yeah, I feel the same way. Almost to the point of knowing I don't  reeeeally feel honest about defending the policies so far. All it takes though is the thought of hearing yet again that all we need is tax cuts for the top 2% which would then generate so much tax revenue in the next 2 and a half years that the deficit would shrink to...

And I feel kind of OK again.


I'm tellin' ya, just relax.
Pres. Obama is a very smart man....and every journey starts with just a single step. We shouldn't expect him to leap tall buildings in a single bounce. Bush had eight years to screw it up; Pres. Obama's only been there since January. He knows he can't run through like a bull in a china shop.
Small steps lead to big journeys.  Have faith!


June 18 - Thank you, Ben Sargent ---

June 17 - Damn, y'all. 
     One of my friends in Texas Congressional District 22 sent me this. The pickup was parked in a workplace parking lot.

     Keep it up, Rednecks.  With your help, even in the South, Obama has a 52% approval rating.  I think people seeing your bumper sticker bumped him up at least 3 percentage points.

     If I say it's Christmas, you better go buy some little twinkling lights, and I say that you should just keep that dumb percolating, Mr. Bumpersticker.  You're gonna have yourself a big old heaping cup of backlash.  Mark my word.


That redneck probably thought his sticker was pretty clever.  Especially since that town in Texas finally found their idiot after  eight long years.


Ms. Susan,

Driving in to town this evening I saw an interesting sign in the traffic island usually occupied by newspaper vendors. (Sorry, no picture) A small sandwich board-looking outfit proclaimed "Ya Hoo Socialism."

This may have been left by some tory teabagger who baked his brain in the sun, but just maybe there are actual socialists demonstrating in Clear Lake.

If this catches on, we may be in for universal healthcare, a progressive tax system, and an end to corporate kleptocracy. Ya Hoo!

Charly Hoarse

June 17 - I think my hearing is failing me.

"Last year I had an affair. I violated the vows of my marriage. It is the worst thing I have ever done in my life."
-- Senator John Ensign

"I came to that conclusion recently, and frankly it's because of what he has put the country through. He has no credibility left."
-- Ensign, calling for Bill Clinton to resign over the Lewinsky affair

     Thanks to Slate and Doonenbury.

June 17 - Guys, if you're on the internet tubes, this story will be of interest to you.  It's about forcing campaign finance reform using the internet. 

Lessig got tired of just thinking and writing, and after deciding not to run for Congress he decided to try to clean it up from the outside.

His organization,, is claiming its first "major victory." In early June, Nelson backed off from his comment that a public option for health insurance was "a deal breaker" and let it be known that he would not join any filibuster against the president's health-care bill.

     Go give it a read.  It won't hurt your eyes at all.
     We cannot fix this country until we fix campaign finance.  It is the simple most important issue we have because everybody's for sale.  Everybody. 

June 17 - This has nothing to do with politics, but I played with HUNCH this morning while waiting on hold.  It's kinda fun.  It picked a perfect vacation spot for me - Monterrey Peninsula, but didn't even come close on what fashion designer I like.  It did pick what Coen Brothers films I like, but nose dived on what rock group I like. 
     If you are in the mood, it's a time sponge.

June 16 - Rosenberg's own Bob's Taco Station is going to be featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives at the end of the month.  I'm not sure which one Bob's is, but I can assure you that more than one political deal has been shaken on or hatched at Bob's.
     In fact, I was at an official undercover  cahooting there today.  Among the ponderings was whether or not local Republicans have any idea what's headed their way in 2010? 
     Most of them are going to have to survive a Republican in-house fight in the primary while I watch and hoot laughing at them gnawing on each other's paws. 
I'm already getting excited about it.  I adore watching them eat their own and, God love 'um, they like having an audience.
     But, meanwhile, I'll call for more
cahooting as long as Bob's keeps serving up some lunch like this.
     I'm wondering where political deals are made in other states. 
     If you're even in town, ask me to take you to Bob's. There tamales are the best but they had run out before I got there today.  So, whoever's hoggin' all the tamales, quit it dammit.

June 16 - I've been a little distracted because we're working on the new Fort Bend Democrats Club website.  It's not ready for prime time yet.  We're working out the kinks this week, because, in the precious words of Thelma, "It's still a tad kinky."
     One of the really cool things the website has is a random rotating header.  We have about a dozen headers right now and are working on some higher quality ones from our members who are far more talented at this stuff than I am. 
     But, if you want to see some Democrats in Fort Bend, head over there and take a gander.  You can also check out what local offices are up for election in 2010 and get information about the webinars offered by the Texas Democratic Party.
     Let me know if you encounter any problems.  Thanks.

June 16 - Oh, yes.

     You know, we need health care, there's still a war going on, the economy is too painful to look at, and the Republicans think the biggest problem in America is David Letterman.  Something is real wrong with them.


  You know what's really sad about this story? That an obviously late-fiftyish, early sixtyish G.A.M.* still calls himself "Rusty".

  And here's a photo of one of Mr. DePass' cousins:

(this species is called, appropriately enough,  the white-lipped snail)                                                         


*Grown-A*s Man (please ask your momma to forgive my language).

Susan - you know who should secede?  The South Carolina Republican Party should secede, that's who.  The country would be so much better without them.

More great comments from SC Republicans, this time from Mike Green (@gopgreenhouse) on Twitter:

"Just heard Obama is going to impose a 40 percent tax on aspirin because it's white and it works."

Green is also running Gresham Barrett's campaign for governor.

Hey Zeus

Sure it's appalling that some ignorant Republican compares First Lady Michelle Obama to a monkey.
But the bigger news might be that you've found a Republican that admits evolution is real.

June 15 - Unless you've been under a rock, you've heard about this ---

South Carolina GOP activist and former chairman of the state elections commission Rusty DePass has apologized for saying a gorilla that escaped from a zoo was an "ancestor" of Michelle Obama.

After an aide to state Attorney General Henry McMaster detailed the escape of the gorilla from Columbia's Riverbanks Zoo, DePass responded with a comment: "I'm sure it's just one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless."

     Well, Mr. DePass, let me assure you that Michelle Obama's friends are not harmless.  We are so mean and spiteful that we will post pictures of your ancestors.



Your parents, I believe.





June 14 - Caca del Toro like this always happens during an election year.
     Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry knows that Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is coming home to run against him
     To make himself look all "I Hate Obama" and "Kay's No Sarah Palin", Perry rejected $550 million in federal stimulus money.
     Now we're having to borrow from Obama.

     It's going to cost us $100 million for interest on the bonds to re-pay the loan.  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. 

Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin, said the stimulus money would have eliminated the need to borrow $550 million and would have saved $100 million in interest payments on the bonds. He said Perry should add the unemployment insurance legislation to the call of an expected special legislative session, but admitted that would require “a pretty dramatic turnaround” of the governor’s position.

     Rick Perry would spend $5 to save a penny, and I think he just did.  However, it was my stinkin' $5.

June 14 - In case you missed it last night on Bill Maher, the next time someone calls us Democrats a socialist, show them this ---

     Full story here.
     Thanks to Susan in Washington for the heads-up. 

June 13 - You mean everybody doesn't have a donkey planter in their backyard? 
     Well, they should.
     Bubba bought this from a local side-of-the-road entrepreneur.  My friend Kati spray painted it a proper color and I grew a plant for it.  It's metal.  It'll last forever.  Bubba says it wasn't a purchase; it was an investment.
     It doesn't have a name yet and that's a shame.

Hey Susan
That is a fine looking yard donkey ya got there.  I propose naming him Jote (pronounced Ho-Tee).  Then he would be your Donkey Jote!  Just don't place him near any windmills!


Name your donkey Darcy.
Got to iTunes, find my fav Irish band Gaelic Storm (who I get to see tomorrow night, woo hoo!), and download the tune Darcy's Donkey. Great tune!

Well, if he was a jackass instead of a donkey, you could name him Rush.

Hey Zeus

I like the way you've ASSimilated him into your decor.


June 13 - Just so you know who has a bit of that thing called good judgment ----

     Here's our friend Liz Mitton, also known as the Anonymous Verbal Bandit, at the Sugar Land Teabag powwow, which one of my friends described as Disneyland Minus Everybody Except Goofy. 
     Liz is giggling over Janet Napolitano's warning about rightwing domestic terrorism.    


     And here's a cartoon today from Steve Benson ---

     Janet 1, Liz 0. 
     Ya know, the doctor murderer and the museum guard killer both considered themselves patriots, too.
     Napolitano is vindicated.  Mitton is still a nincompoop. 

June 12 - As my friends know, I have a bit of a crush on Paul Krugman.  Bubba says it's okay because the odds of me actually running into Paul Krugman down at the bowling alley or over at Junior Janochek's Fine Liquors and Bait Camp are pretty slim.  Bubba's willing to take the risk in order not to start a rumor campaign that Paul Krugman is in love with Ann Coulter and hates redheads.
     Anyway, Krugman did a fine piece of thinking and writing at the same time on this one. 

Yes, the worst terrorist attack in our history was perpetrated by a foreign conspiracy. But the second worst, the Oklahoma City bombing, was perpetrated by an all-American lunatic. Politicians and media organizations wind up such people at their, and our, peril.

     Give yourself a Friday treat and go read the whole darn thing.


I've used that parallel countless times since 9/11. Three major terrorist attacks in the US in recent history, including the parking lot bomb in the World Trade Center. Two by Muslim terrorists, the one in between by an All-American, former NRA member (he quit because the NRA was too liberal), gun show fanatic, anti-tax Republican and decorated war vet whose knowledge of the Constitution began and ended with the Second Amendment.

Of course, the reply I got was a) a blank stare or b) that McVeigh wasn't a terrorist but just a lone nut. Either way it didn't matter because all Muslims are terrorists in their minds and white Americans just have a couple bad apples.


I have to share this one from the Letters to the Editor at the Seattle Times --

In the past two weeks, we have witnessed two shootings by extremists -- the murder of a doctor in his church and the shooting yesterday at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. In both cases, the media were quick to defend and absolve right-wing media from blame in these events.

I find this curious. When murder is committed by a youth or young adult, such as Columbine or the post-rave shooting in Seattle a few years ago, the media are quick to "examine" the music and lifestyle of the killers.

How often have we been warned about violent mediums, such as music, video games and television after youth violence, yet when the killing is done by an extremist from a right-wing view, we are quickly told that there is no connection between the violent act and the violent incitement by Bill O'Rielly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and the like?

It's time to place the blame for the incidents of the past two weeks squarely where it belongs. Extreme right-wing media are inciting violence against society and trying to hide behind the First Amendment of the Constitution. These agents of hate do share the blame for these murders, and it should be reported as such.

-- David Winnie, Everett



We have grandchildren in Princeton, NJ. I go to the Small World coffee shop every morning that I can when we are visiting. By the number of serious newspaper readers, the nice mix of young and old, and the distinctly academic nature of most of the conversation (no, discourse) I overhear, I have identified Small World as the most likely place to run into Paul Krugman as he downs his breakfast before riding into ECO 103 on a cloud accompanied by a chorus of angels. So far, no luck. My son has proposed that, against all that we know of PK and project upon him, he could in fact be a morning Diet Coke addict.  I do not have a crush on him but I do have a fantasy of sitting close enough that he could hear our conversation and, at some point, interrupt to say, "Forgive me for eavesdropping, I couldn't help, but that is a brilliant way of viewing the health care policy and unemployment. Do you mind giving me your name so I may cite your comment in my next column?" You will hear from me again if that should ever happen.

Tom in Lake Jackson

June 12 - Thanks to my friends Carl Whitmarsh and Zada True Courage (yes, for you folks from outta state, that is her real name.  Very cool, huh?  She's kinda famous here in Texas.) I can bring you a morning laugh. 
     It was almost 140 degrees in Houston yesterday, so this started making the rounds ----


The birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground. 

The trees are whistling for the dogs.

The best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.

Hot water now comes out of both taps.

You can make sun tea instantly.

You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron!

The temperature drops below 95 and you feel a little chilly.

You discover that in June it only takes 2 fingers to steer your car.

You discover that you can get sunburned through your car window.

You actually burn your hand opening the car door.

You break into a sweat the instant you step outside at 7:30 a.m.

Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is, "What if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pavement and cook to death?"

You realize that asphalt has a liquid state.

The potatoes cook underground, so all you have to do is pull one out and add butter, salt and pepper.

Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs.

 The cows are giving evaporated milk. Ah, what a place to call home.

     And it don't even actually get hot here until the end of July.

June 11 - Well, this certainly means more fun for me!  It appears that the Texas GOP is going to have a nasty fight over who their Party Chairman will be.
     One of the candidates to challenge Tina Benkiser is a fella from right here in Fort Bend County named Mark McCaig.  He's the 26 year old founder of TXIR.  It appears that, unlike the majority of us, he didn't get over Ayn Rand by his junior year in high school.  His blog died.  I didn't even know it was sick.
     McCaig is also a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, and fancies himself a wildly popular CNN commentator.
     Also running is Amarillo's pride, Tom Mechler

"I have a new vision for our party," Mechler said Tuesday. "We need to go back to our conservative roots and explain to people who we are and what we stand for."

     Mechler is 52 years old and a member of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice.  Most importantly, he's from Wasilla, Alaska, where they grow Crazzzzy Republicans.
     He has proper Republican hair.  That's a plus, for sure.
     This is gonna be fun what with all manner of finger pointing, like this:

Smithee said he does not have anything against [current GOP Texas Party Chair Tina] Benkiser, but under her leadership "the state party has made itself irrelevant."

     Dude, I could be wrong about this, but I think that's something against her.  I dunno, maybe it's a compliment in Republican circles nowadays.

"I have a new vision for our party," Mechler said Tuesday. "We need to go back to our conservative roots and explain to people who we are and what we stand for."


I have heard so many GOPers saying this same thing ..... a *new vision *to go back to their *conservative roots*?  When did they ever leave their conservative roots??? and what is *new* in that vision?

They just don't get it.


June 11 - More fun email about John Cornyn!

     We're #1

Thanks to Good Republican Senator John Cornyn, Texas has secured first place in this year's Senatorial Travel Expense Grand Sweepstakes. 

"Cornyn, a Republican, racked up the highest travel bill in the Senate by spending more than $38,000 on a St. Michaels, Md., retreat for 59 staffers and by taking expensive, multicity charter flights throughout his home state of Texas."

Just imagine how much of a lead we could have if Cowboy John wasn't so fiscally conservative.
Go, John, Go!  No, really.  Go.


June 10 - So, I'm internet machine-chatting with my friend Ibis who has moved to Paris, France.  I miss her a lot. 
     Ibis and I were both listening to the news as we typed to each other and are both shocked at the shooting by a white supremist today at the Holocaust Museum. 
     I was listening to CNN and Ibis was listening to Fox because Ibis likes to punish herself.
     She suddenly becomes unglued, typing gibberish - which is what she does when she can't jump up and down in person. 
     Some commentator on Fox had just said that this kind of behavior "was expected" because of "having a black President."
     I'm gonna flail the hail outta something. 
     So, it's Obama's fault that one of the rightwing goes down to a public museum honoring those killed by Nazis and starts shooting security guards?
     No.  No.  No.
     I, for one, did not expect this.  I, for one, believed that America is better than this.  I, for one, think having a black President is a good thing - not a justification for  violence.
     I think the folks on Fox have a right to say whatever they want to, as long as they are willing to accept the consequences.  They have a right to be wrong and to be mean, but they do not have a right to justify unacceptable behavior. 
     If you see smoke coming from the direction of Paris, France, that's Ibis pitching herself a snot-nosed hissy fit, too.

Dear Susan,

Just a comment, every time one says white supremacist, it should be followed and linked with terrorist, or domestic terrorist.  every, single time.


June 10 - Texas Republican Congreesvarmint Ted Poe is such a doofus.
     He doesn't care if what he's saying is a discredited lie.  No siree, he's gonna say whatever it takes to try to make President Obama look bad even if it's totally made-up.
     Poe is trying to say that the Obama administration closed only those Chrysler dealers who contributed to Republicans

A Southeast Texas U.S. Congressman says Chrysler auto dealership closings appear to be chosen based on what party a dealership’s owner donated money to in the last election.

An Auto Task Force is charged with deciding which dealerships should be closed. U.S. Rep Ted Poe (R) is asking if political donations played a part in closing 789 Chrysler dealerships around the country.

“Did this group of auto task force individuals discriminate against Republican dealerships in Chrysler-style or in Chicago-style paybacks? We don't know.

     Yes, Ted, you ignorant slut, we do, in fact, know.
     What we do need to investigate, Ted, is how come Texas Republican Congressmen are hoggin' all the stoopid.
     And, trust me on this, "Chicago-style paybacks" ain't got nothin' on Texas style good-ole-boyism. 

June 10 - More fun email ---


This morning I was looking for a GOP elephant sticker that I want to put upside down on my window. I went to the site to see what they have, (nothing) and... LOOK OUT! They're ready to change! New Underway! Or at least they were three months ago.
The State of the Website section is really sad. A whining plea for someone, somewhere to come up with a little bit of creativity and all it gets is 250 rants- with 240 of them by Don, who cuts and pastes whole pages of birther claims and then comments on his own posts. 
And of course there's a blog, with two entries since the original flurry of 8 in February .
The GOP- wishing they could change, but still believing, as John Healey once said, that "Change belongs in your pocket."

Dear Susan,
    Just to make it clear that I am not the Don that Brian referenced as posting gigabits of rancorous rant material on the Repugnicant web site.

    I looked at it, just to be sure it wasn't me.  I'm pretty sure that there isn't any sane person monitoring that site.  Anyone who actually read some of that stuff all the way through would have to be stark raving mad -- either before or after.

Don A

June 10 - All the news about Fiat and Chrysler has me on memory lane this morning.
     My first car that I bought on my own, right out of college, was a used 1965 Fiat 850 Spider convertible.  It was bright blue and the hottest little number you've ever seen.  It had the coolest little shiny chrome luggage rack on the back.
     My Aunt Jimmie, who was a damn near perfect aunt, loved to tease me about my car.  Even before I bought it, when I was just thinking about buying it, she called it my Fascist Limo.  It was a used car, so she would tease me that Mussolini's fingerprints were still on the armrest and his pants were in the trunk. 
     The day I drove it over to her house for her to see, she sat in the passenger's seat and told me that the Italian writing on the dashboard was Italian for "Screw Americans."  I can still see her finger pointing to the words and trying to keep a straight face.  I could never look at the dashboard again without grinning.
     I drove that car for 6 years, but had to give it up when pregnant with the second baby.  I think I still miss it.  It was a pretty good car for a girl with a wonderful aunt.

June 10 - There's bad news for Republicans.

As the Republican Party struggles to regain its footing following the November elections, a new survey shows that a majority of adult Americans sees no clear leader for the minority political party.

Even more problematic for the GOP is that one-third of Republicans hold an unfavorable view of their party, according to the USA Today/Gallup poll.

     And then there's worse news ---

When it comes to naming a “main person” who speaks for the GOP, 52 percent of Americans were unable to do so.

Among those who did name a speaker for the GOP, 13 percent identified conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, while 10 percent named former Vice President Dick Cheney. Arizona Sen. John McCain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were each named by 6 percent of Americans in the poll.

     Oh, please chubby old white guys who haven't had a new idea since Elvis died, keep yammering on for the GOP.  And, by the way, keep spatting with each other, too.  That makes you look very adult.

June 10 - We get great emails--


Actor Jon Voight, serving as emcee, opened the dinner with a series of attacks on Obama, "something that many Republican leaders have been hesitant to do in light of the president's high approval ratings,'' Bloomberg News notes. Gallup Polls taken before and after the president's trip to the Middle East and Europe last week found his public approval rating running at 61 and 62 percent.

"We are becoming a weak nation," said Voight, calling Obama a "false prophet." The nation, he suggested, must be freed from "this Obama oppression.''

I think he did a better job as a male prostitute in Midnight Cowboy than he's doing as a Republican Whore now.

Sam from Pearland

AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry was mountain biking near his home in the hills west of Austin Tuesday evening when he broke his collar bone in an accident.

The accident caused Perry to postpone his expected tour of Galveston, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island on Wednesday to sign legislation authorizing spending for hurricane recovery and an overhaul of the Texas windstorm insurance system.

Two questions: 1. Did he muss his hairdo and 2. Will he try to ride a Segway?


June 9 - Here's how this works in Fort Bend County and probably in your county, too:
     The county judge, who is up for re-election this year, does not want to raise taxes during tough economic times, but he's given tax abatements to all his corporate buddies and now he needs money to run all the things he's expanded in county government.
     With a failing real estate market, higher home evaluations for the tax base aren't likely.  Unless ....
     The county judges sends a loud and clear message to the Central Appraisal District, where he also has some buddies, that property valuations in Fort Bend County have - are you ready for this? - gone up 10%.  Ten percent.  He says this in March to give the CAD plenty of time to make his dreams come true.
     Damn!  In one of them miracle type things, the Central Appraisal District comes back and - you guessed it - evaluations are up exactly 10%.
     That means you pay more taxes because your property is supposedly worth more even though it's really not.  But, the county judge can say that he didn't raise your taxes.  Phony real estate values raised your taxes.
     That ties up the package very neatly.  You get screwed and only the Central Appraisal District - where the members are appointed, not elected - is at fault.
     So what does the CAD get in return for saving Hebert's substantial butt?
     A new $6.4 million building.  Fancy digs.
     I ain't kidding you
     And everything would have gone along just fine if not for one thing.  Last November, Precinct 1 elected a Democrat - not a good-ole-boy - to commissioner's court.  Democrats have watched this snuggling for 15 years and we're mad enough to hit them on the head so hard that they'll wear out bouncing. 
     Commissioner Richard Morrison is fire breathing mad.  Good on him.  He's a speed bump on the road to taking all your danged money.
     There is one especially funny thing to this event.  After they raised evaluations up to 1,000% on some folks, the CAD released photos of the long lines outside their offices of people wanting to protest their property evaluations .... 

     ...and then they used this photo to justify the need for a new building.  No, I'm serious.  They did that.  No, really; they did.
     Let me get this straight:  you treat us unfairly, we show up to complain and you rob us  while we're waiting in line?
     Dude, there just has to be something in the annals of irony about this. 
     Hey CAD, don't over-evaluate people's property and then they won't show up to protest and then you won't need a bigger building.  This ain't rocket science.  Hell, it ain't even government work.

Much as I like jumping on bandwagons, I have to disagree with you this time around.  First off, we ought to be glad that CAD officials (in my county, too) are appointed and not elected.  The last thing I want is a politician determining how much my house is worth.  CAD officials are deliberately insulated from politics – as it should be.  Their job is to do a professional evaluation of market conditions, not play political favorites.  My house right now is appraised pretty much at what I bought it for five years ago.  Sounds about right to me.

Second, the CAD is not saying individual valuations are up 10%.  It’s the total value of all property in the county that has risen.  Much of that increase is likely from new construction.  We need to worry if that increase comes to a halt.  

Finally, a point conservatives and liberals alike in Texas hate to hear.  We are still a low tax, minimal government state. Texas citizens still pay the lowest per capita total tax burden of any of the fifty states.  Dead last.  And it shows in the generally miserly level of government services we get.   

It’s our reliance on property taxes for education that is the problem, not our tax burden.  But taxes are an obligation of citizenship.  My wife and I paid a total of more $30,000 in income and property taxes last year – and I don’t begrudge a dime of it. And I sure don’t want to hand Republicans an issue by complaining about taxes.  Next thing you know, they’ll think I’m a teabagger. 


Note from Susan -

I agree with much of what you said.  However, CAD board members are appointed by the taxing authorities.  It's a simple way to pass the buck - each taxing authority gets their own person, but in small Texas counties, that means the art of backscratching becomes an Olympic event.  If I'm a taxing authority, I am not going to appoint someone who won't cover my butt when needed.

You are correct that individual evaluations are not all up by 10%.  Not all neighborhoods were re-valued.  However, those that were got hit hard with far more than 10%.  New construction has slowed dramatically in Fort Bend.  I am grateful for that. 

Being a bleeding heart liberal, I do not begrudge taxes either.  I do have some stipulations:  Taxes should be fair and equable.  When I pay more taxes than the President of Halliburton, I get mad.  Second, wasting tax money, which is the case with the new CAD building, is the same as stealing. 

I am not complaining about taxes.  I am complaining about Republicans do with them once they get them.


Hey Susan,
When are people going to figure out Property Taxes are the original Voodoo Economics?


June 9 - Thank you, Don Wright ---

June 8 - Some people watch teevee.  Some people watch sunsets.  Some people watch their weight.  My friend Alfredo watches the Supreme Court.  That's good for us because he sends a heads-up when necessary.
     The Supremes have ruled that buying your buddy a seat on the State Supreme Court with campaign contributions violates due process. 
     Alfredo sardonically asks, "Can the Texas judicial  system survive?" 
     I doubt it.
     Here's the decision in pdf format for those of you who like to read Latin or have a writ twit attack.
     Meanwhile, here's the important part ---

After a West Virginia jury found respondents, a coal company and its affiliates (hereinafter Massey), liable for fraudulent misrepresentation, concealment, and tortuous interference with existing contractual relations and awarded petitioners (hereinafter Caperton) $50 million in damages, West Virginia held its 2004 judicial elections. Knowing the State Supreme Court of Appeals would consider the appeal, Don Blankenship, Massey’s chairman and principal officer, supported Brent Benjamin rather than the incumbent justice seeking reelection. His $3 million in contributions exceeded the total amount spent by all other Benjamin supporters and by Benjamin’s own committee. Benjamin won by fewer than 50,000 votes. Before Massey filed its appeal, Caperton moved to disqualify now-Justice Benjamin under the Due Process Clause and the State’s Code of Judicial Conduct, based on the conflict caused by Blankenship’s campaign involvement. Justice Benjamin denied the motion, indicating that he found nothing showing bias for or against any litigant. The court then reversed the $50 million verdict. During the rehearing process, Justice Benjamin refused twice more to recuse himself, and the court once again re-versed the jury verdict. Four months later, Justice Benjamin filed a concurring opinion, defending the court’s opinion and his recusal decision.

     Oh, my goodness, you mean that Bob Perry can't buy the Supreme Court any more?

June 8 - Newt and Sarah sitting in a tree, k-i-c-k-i-n-g.
     Let the games begin!

Sarah Palin’s on-again, off-again appearance at Monday night’s gala GOP fundraising dinner is off — again.

The reason given for the snub, said a Palin aide, was that NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions was concerned about not wanting to upstage former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the fundraising gala’s keynote speaker.

     It appears that the Sarah snub is just the beginning of a catfight between the two biggest prissy witches of the GOP - Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. 
     Treat yourself to reading the whole article, and understand why tea parties are the only thing Republicans can manage right now. 
     Hey, thank God they're still not trying to come up with solutions for this country.  We spent the last 8 years seeing how un-well they do at that! 

June 8 - Hot time, summer in the city, back of my neck is gettin' hot and gritty.
     Ho boy, we're in for some summertime free entertainment.  The angry white people, who are feeling so put-upon because there's actually some empty seats at the back of the bus, are planning more tea parties in Texas.

Joe Shehan hopes the Tax Day Tea Parties — when taxpayers nationwide gathered to protest taxes, federal bailouts and big government — were just the beginning.

The next step, he hopes, is America’s Awakening, a gathering planned for Thursday at the NYTEX Sports Complex in North Richland Hills.

     To add a little proper distastefulness to this whole thing, they're calling it the 912 Project because ... well, hell, because they haven't exploited the victims of 911 quite enough yet.

Shehan said the 912 Project Fort Worth, a grassroots effort based on talk show host Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project, is a nonpartisan group created recently to continue this effort. The name is based on nine principles, such as America is good, and 12 values, such as honesty, reverence and hope. It also reflects the national unity that occurred the day after 9-11.

     America is good?  I mean, they have to say that out loud to remind themselves?  Now, I hate to be mean, but that's just dumb.  If you gotta run around hollering that America is good, then you probably don't truly believe it. 
     And they are non-partisan?  Uh huh, Sweetie, they are indeed.

State Rep. Leo Berman, a former Arlington mayor pro tem, will be the featured speaker. Berman, R-Tyler, was among the lawmakers this year pushing a sovereignty resolution.

     Oh yeah, you're gonna find a whole lot of Democrats who want to secede and start a civil war because there's a black man in the White House.  I bet there's a mess of Democrats who woke up the day after the election and said, "Holy crap!  You mean he's black?  Damn.  I didn't know that.  Well, we just gotta secede.  Somebody call Leo Burman and tell him that all is forgiven."
     Steve Maxwell, the Tarrant County Democratic Chair is one cool guy.  He says --

"This is a bunch of . . . nuts who are not doing this country any good, standing up there in the way of getting the country’s economic status corrected and getting our people back to work," Maxwell said. "They should go out there and demonstrate and have a great time.

"But I would prefer they come up with some constructive ideas to get this crisis under control and get our people back to work."

     Where the hell were all these angry people when George Bush and Alberto Gonzales were pouring milk over the constitution and eating it for breakfast?  Where the hell were they when George Bush and Dick Cheney were stealing this country blind and running it off a financial cliff?  Listening to Glenn Beck, you say?  Finding a whiter guy than Leo Berman?  Sitting on their butts listening to accordion music? 
    Anyway, I have some wonderful pictures like the one above that were taken at the last tea party in Sugar Land.  I'm looking forward to using them.     

June 7 - If you ever  want to feel very sanctimonious and self-satisfied, just remember that Newt Gingrich (a serial adulterer), Ollie North (a guy who overtly committed treason), and Mike Huckabee (who is just goofy) all say you're just not Christian enough ----

On Friday, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and Oliver North visited Rock Church in Hampton Roads, Virginia to give a three-hour long lecture on “Rediscovering God in America.” The speakers warned the audience about the “continuing availability of abortion, the spread of gay rights, and attempts to remove religion from American public life and school history books.” The Virginia-Pilot reported that Gingrich argued that, while Christianity is the foundation of American citizenship, Americans are experiencing a period where they are being “surrounded by paganism”:

     Newt is about one hallelujah away from foot washin' and snake handlin'. 
     So if I believe that government should stay out of my bedroom, nobody should be able to forcibly tell my children what God they must pray to, and that gays are human, then I'm a pagan? 
     Oh hell, I was hoping he'd go for wicked witch or smoldering harlot or Pharisee sympathizer.  Pagan just seems oh so 1980's and Stonehenge. 
     Come on, Newt, you can do better than that.  If you're going to call me names because I believe in the Constitution, come up with a better one than pagan.  I kinda liked it when you were calling me a socialist.  Why did you quit that one?  It wasn't scaring people enough?

"Not Christian enough" is churchspeak for "You don't totally agree with every single word I say", and is precisely why I've pretty much given up pursuing that religion. One of my kids this year asked me if I was Christian and I told her "no, not really". You would have thought I had shot her puppy! She was totally shocked.  Hey, don't ask the question if you're not prepared for the answer. Don't get me wrong, there are some great ideas in Christianity, but if you have to throw out all the billions of people in the world that don't believe that way and then say "they are all going to hell", well, that's not the religion I'm looking for.
The area I live in is crazy. There are 9, count 'em, 9 churches within 2 miles of my house. Every time someone gets mad at someone else they take their tithes and go build their own place. Pretty soon everyone around here is going to to have their own individual place to worship.
So I am not really looking at religion anymore, but looking more at my own spirituality, which is so much harder to pin down and define. And, I like it that way!

Shoot, most every body I care a flip about feels the same way as James - regardless of having been "fetched up" going to church every Sunday - plus some more. All good, spiritually mature folks - just sick of the holier-than-thous such as Newt and Sarah and Beck, to 
name just a few.  Yechhhhh!


June 7 - I knew it all along -- Sarah Palin is Newt Gingrich in drag!
     Think about it - have you ever seen them together?

Sarah Palin's speech delivered in Anchorage on Wednesday -- the one in which she declared "screw political correctness" and wondered why "we have to pussyfoot around our troublesome foes" -- repeatedly lifted from an article written four years ago by Newt Gingrich and Craig Shirley without attribution.

While Palin twice mentioned Gingrich in the speech (she never acknowledged Shirley), she frequently mixed her own remarks about Reagan with passages that appear to be pulled directly from the Gingrich-Shirley article.

     And maybe Ann Coulter is Dick Cheney is a skinny suit.
     This could make for some fun on the campaign trail. 

I see that Caribou Barbie visited my old stomping grounds, upstate New York, this weekend for founder?s day in Auburn New York, home to William Seward and Harriet Tubman. Both were eminent abolitionists.  Seward was a two-term N.Y. governor and rival to Lincoln for the 1860 Republican nomination. He travelled west to campaign for Lincoln and became Lincoln?s Secretary of State. According to Doris Kearns Goodwin, Seward thought Lincoln a lightweight and expected to wield great power from this post, but soon revised his opinion and became a valued confidant and advisor. If only modern Republicans could drop their sore loser act and make themselves useful this way.

Charly Hoarse

June 5 - Okay, so here's the deal why Texas Democrats should run somebody tough for Governor.  I continue to be totally unconvinced that Kay Bailey Hutchison is going to be the GOP nominee.
     I know that Rick Perry is nuttier than squirrel poop, but the pubbies love him.  A lot.
     According to Harvey Kronberg this morning, the Republicans are in a dead heat over Rick and Kay.  The battle of the hairdos is tight.    

Interestingly, in anticipation of the possible 2010 March Republican primary between incumbent Governor Rick Perry and Senate Kay Bailey Hutchison, their job approval scores are virtually identical among self-identified Republican primary voters, Republican voter subgroups by ideology, and even regular “Rush Limbaugh” talk radio show listeners.

     If we end up with Rick as the GOP nominee and then don't have a strong candidate to whip him, I'm gonna be real mad at some Texas Democrats.  That's a promise.  There will be name calling.

June 3 - Texas Governor Rick Perry just can't seem to leave secession ideas and drug addicts alone.


     Yes, he did say God Bless Rush Limbaugh.  Remember why Rush wanted to move to Texas?  Secession and drugs from Mexico.

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. We have got to get rid of the fake tan governor. NOW.

Stephanie up in Arlington

Huh, Sam Houston could whip both their butts with both hands tied behind his back.


A revered old Texas saying fits here: Git a rope! On second thought, make that *two* ropes.

Could you ever have believed that Kay Baby Hutchison would look good?


Did the Gov. call Limbaugh an "honorary" or an "ornery" Texan? He compared him to Sam Houston, who was kinda ornery on occasion... and well-known by his Cherokee moniker, "Big Drunk". Maybe we need a good Cherokee name for Rush -- like... oh... "Big Oxy-moron"?


June 3 - Okay, so we exterminated the mail box.  Newt Gingrich's been there.  Eck!  I found a snake in our mailbox once, which was a far more pleasant experience than finding Newt there. 

     Okay, this says "Hon. Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House." 
     In a pig's eye!  I worked my rump off to keep Newt Gingrich from being Speaker of the House.  Notice that in small letters underneath, it says (1995-1999).  Heckfire, I've got record albums that age.
     I know for a fact that Nancy Pelosi ain't sharing her House, or anything else for that matter, with Newt. 
     So, you're asking yourself, "What is Newt doing in Susan's mailbox?" 
     It wasn't to offer to help with the housekeeping or clean the tops of my ceiling fans or anything else Newt might possibly be useful for.
     Newt has the unmitigated gall to lecture me about God.  God, for pete's sake.  And Newt.

     It starts off -- (you know the drill, click the little one to get the big one.)

     I'm sending you this enclosed "Citizen's Survey" today because I've been told that you are an American who agrees with me that God should not be driven from the public square.
     The Founding Fathers wanted it that way, too.
     Yet for the last 50 years, ACLU lawyers and left-wing judges have been outlawing God in our culture."

     Huh?  What you say?
     First off, Newt, my God is way too big to be driven from anywhere.  I'm sorry that your God is subservient to writ twits.  Maybe you should get a better God.
     Second off, I haven't been married three times, served divorce papers on my spouse while they were in the hospital with cancer, or boinked my secretary.  If I wanna know about God, you'd be the last Pharisee I'd ask. 
     Newt's letter goes on for 7 darned pages.  Honey, Newt keeps talking but he ain't saying nothing. 
     It appears that my "invitation" is to take a survey and then send Newt some money so he can send me a DVD.  Heck, I've been to more exciting Tupperware parties.
     So, here's the front of the survey - click it to read it.
     Yeah, it is as cheap and sleazy as it looks.  And you open it up to take the 4 question survey. There's not any questions you'd have to study-up on, so I suspect that Newt thinks I'm pretty stoopid.  I mean, the last two - "Have you ever visited Washington, DeeCee?"  and "Would you like to receive information about other conservative documentaries from Citizens United Productions?" - seem kind dumb.
     And the best I can figure from the form, you gotta send them $35 or they frankly don't care what you think or even if you've ever been to DeeCee.  How's that for polite?
     So, if you see Newt, tell him to stay the fool tarnation outta my mailbox and it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if he'd stay outta my politics, too.  We done threw him out once and it seems unnecessarily time consuming to have to do it again.  But, if we need to do it again, I'll lead the parade.

I've got a Rediscovering Marriage in America Citizen Survey to send back to Newt:
1) Before you received this letter, did you realize that wedding vows typically read like this?
    I, Newt , take you, (fill in name here) ,
    to be my wife,
    to have and to hold
    from this day forward;
    for better, for worse,
   for richer, for poorer,
   in sickness and in health,
  to love and to cherish,
  till death us do part,
  according to God's holy law.
  In the presence of God I make this vow.
2) Before you received this letter, did you realize that the seventh of the Ten Commandments is "Thou Shalt not Commit    Adultery" and tenth is "Thou Shalt not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife"?
3) Have you ever visited a spouse in the hospital and served him/her with divorce papers?
4) Would you like to receive information about honoring your vows?
If so, please fill out this form:
(   )  YES!  I agree that I must have your video REDISCOVERING MARRIAGE IN AMERICA to help save this institution.
Please enclose a check made out to the Saving Marriage in America Foundation.
It is suggested that you contribute according to past digressions:
$100 - Pioneer Level - For those who have never been married or are still working on their first marriage
$1000 - Two Timer Level - The name says it all
$10,000 - Sanctimonious Level - Saying one thing and doing another is not good in God's eyes.

Are you aware of the fact that in the Catholic Church, just like in America, a convert (naturalized citizen) cannot become Pope (President)?  The reasoning is that converts are too zealous.
How that explains Pope Benny, I have no idea.  But it sure as hell explains the holier-than-thou Newtie.  The man can just not be embarassed.
Oh, and he is violating the rules of etiquette by referring to himself as "Speaker" Gingrich.  There is only ONE Speaker and her name is Pelosi.  Newtie is properly titled "Mr."  Or, "Your Fatuousness."

Susan, I must admit that the image of you fumigating a mailbox is priceless, but while you were doing so you missed Gov. "Good Hair" Perry's latest. It seems that the Guv has made Rush Limbaugh an "Honorary Texan"! Gag, retch, hurl!!!! My precious grandchildren and three sons live in Austin, Heck, so does my ex. I divorced him but I still like the guy. Is no place safe from these moronic turdblossoms? We need to seriously channel Molly Ivins and Ann Richards and go after these thugs.



June 2 - It appears that it's coming at me from all directions

Two Fort Bend County industrial plants reported unusual discharges of air pollution last week, according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Nalco Holding Co.’s Sugar Land plant, on U.S. 90A near State Highway 6, reported that the liner inside a storage tank caught fire on Thursday during a “welding project” on the “man way” of the tank.

The resulting fire created a “smoke cloud” for no longer than five minutes, the company reported to TCEQ.

     and then .....

Meanwhile, the 610-megawatt Unit 6 at the W.A. Parish Electric Generating Station near Thompsons discharged opacity emissions for 18 minutes on May 25, at up to 93% opacity. The unit’s permit allows for 10% opacity.

     This is the fifth "emission event" reported at the Parish plant since April 11.  It's becoming more of a habit than an event.

June 2 - If nothing else good happens in Texas the whole rest of the year, at least Texas Democrats had to power, guts, and determination to defeat the Voter I.D. bill
     In case you haven't gotten around to it yet, play Texas Twister

June 2 - My running buddy Judy is eating her way through the deep south just like I did last fall.  This came today from Natchez, Mississippi. 

     She claims it's Fat Mama's Tamale House.  She gets bragging rights for this picture from Fat Mama's ---

     I need me one of those!

June 1 - Some of you have been following our story on West Texas Republican Congressman "Captain" Randy Neugebauer's wanting to use his campaign contributions to rent his own yacht.  He wants to pay for his Washington DeeCee yacht with campaign contributions, and this is the way he's going to try to finagle it
     Well, the draft opinion is in and here's a copy of it in PDF format for your reading pleasure.
     In case you left your reading glasses at home or you've been listening to Kanye West, here the jest of it" 

     It says that the use of the boat is an in-kind contribution to Neugebauer by the Texas LLC that owns it, so that the campaign can only use $2,400 of the boat's time without making an illegal contribution to Neugebauer.  That's not the result Neugebauer wanted.      
     On theother hand, the FEC says that the LLC can rent out the boat for fair market value - so Neugebauer's leadership PAC can rent it for fundraisers and Neugebauer can put money in his own pocket.      
     What a deal!
     So, if you've been thinking about running for Congress just to get yourself a yacht, it can be done. 

     Potential Congressional Candidate Junior Janochek, Jr., at the Brazos River Yacht Club and Bait Camp.

June 1 - The religious right is back in the news.  First for getting their dude rejected as head of the State Board of Education, and now for their role in the slaying of an abortion doctor.
     So, the email just keeps on coming ---

I wonder if Rick the Hairdo would consider appointing me to the State School Board of Edification? 
There are plenty of right-thinking folks out there that have issues with the theory of evolution.  That's not news.  What we need is equal reprsenttion for- those of us who don't par-tick-you-lair-lee cotton to Herr Einstein's wacky theory of gravity. 
I even have photographic evidence to back up my skepticism.

Susan, thank you for having the courage to stand up against the religious right.  They shoot people.  Get a Kevlar bra!


Any opinions about how to treat O’Reilly? Mine starts with a closed fist.


June 1 -  Those of you who have been around for a while know that June is my favorite month after November (when I travel) and December (I flat love Christmas) and October (baseball playoffs), which places June in the top tier of my favorite months. 
     June means flip-flops, swimming pools, the beach, and Blue Bell Ice Cream. 
     Also, I have a birthday this month so start shopping.  Size 7 1/2.  Flip Flops.  Shiny.
     June is also a month when most politicians behave because you gotta get done what you gotta get done before hurricane and heat season. 
     Let's start off the month with a cartoon.

     I want to be honest with you.  I like Judge Sotomayor plenty.  I think her story is grand and I stand of awe of it.  I wear my ta-tas a little higher because of women like Judge Sotomayor. 
     However, she's not liberal enough for me.  She certainly is not as liberal as the judge she is replacing.  With the far, far rightwing tilt of the court, I think we need a fire breathing liberal on the court to start balancing that sucker. I think her opinions on the rights of defendants are not in keeping with the fine liberal ideas of the framers of the Constitution. 
     I am also concerned about her position on minority  rights

An analysis of Judge Sonia Sotomayor's most recent appeals court decisions shows that nearly every time, she voted AGAINST people who were claiming illegal discrimination, according to a lawyer who appears frequently before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The analysis, done by DC lawyer Tom Goldstein for his legal website SCOTUSblog, looked at her court's 50 most recent cases involving the issue of race. He found that the three-judge panels on which she participated upheld claims of discrimination only three times. In 45 other cases, the discrimination claims were rejected. Each time, the judges -- including her -- were unanimous. And the three panels that upheld discrimination claims included at least one Republican-appointed judge. 

     On the other hand, the main thing she's got going for her, in my mind, is that she makes Tom DeLay shiver in his tiny little boots.

DeLay add that "in my mind" Sotomayor is not qualified for a seat at the Supreme Court.

"She's an activist," he said. "She's a judicial activist, and I've worked my entire career against judicial activism. And if Obama -- Obama couldn't have appointed a more activist judge, and, therefore, I don't think she's qualified. I don't want somebody writing law from the bench.

     No, Tom, you've worked your entire career to enrich yourself, Honey.  Besides, Babe, I have a better website than you do.
     So, even though she's not liberal enough for me, I do not think Judge Sotomayor should apologize or backup on the statements she made that has the far rightwing all aghast with phony outrage and charges of racism. 
     If you read her entire speech, which I have, the only thing she might apologize for is using thoughts, language and ideas far above the comprehension of dufus right.  The entirety of her speech, not the 30 second sound bite the right can understand, is brilliant. 

Hi Susan - I'm not happy with Sotomayor either.  If Roe v Wade or any variation of it comes before the court, she's going to side with the right-wingers.  I'd bet money on it.



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I live in Richmond, Texas, in heart of Tom DeLay's old district.  It's crazy here.  No, seriously, it's triple z crazzzy.

I used to be an independent voter, but that all changed when I got to know a few local Republicans.  They are meaner than 10 acres of snakes and have the ethical compass of a bank robber. 

So, I decided that they could just Kiss My Big Blue Butt.

A lot of what I post here has to do with local politics, but you probably have the same folks in your local government.

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